Family First

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I couldn’t agree more on this, though when i was in my teenage years all i would’ve thought of was to move out, start life independently and earn a living for myself. being continually frustrated into all the relationships i have had in the past, only my family has been there to accept me despite of the things i have done, or have gone through, all the women who have left, all the women who have broken my heart, in all the consequences, good or bad–my family has been there

in that event i have so often made really bad choices especially with my father, i have knowingly disappointed, frustrated and caused him so much soorow in the recent years–but as i have mentioned i am still grateful that he still keeps me under his roof, under his protection, and most of all, keeping me, as unworthy as i am —in his heart

I have been a terrible son to my dad at that one who has caused so many heartaches, being a disciplinarian, it is not easy for me to let him know how regretfull i am for the stupid things i have done, especially against him—family always comes first, and it is in my father that i have seen that despite any imperfections and indifference, blood is indeed thicker than water

redeeming myself has always been something that seems so hard for me, i would tell you in my next blogs the story so far

i have always longed for a complete family, one that has dinner together, one that is happy together, but it seems that it wouldn’t be something i could hope for in the coming days,

i have always dreamed of having a father figure, one that i often see with my friends, the relationship they share with their fathers is an enviable one, considering i have not been with my dad for a decade now, yes we do have phone calls from him but having him physically with us is different.

i may not be a good son, i will probably be not one in this lifetime, i may not be seen as a good example, a good brother, but i am certain that even if people around do not see my efforts to change, then i would always prove them wrong- i will always try to redeem myself no matter what happens

“all difficulties lead to the stars”


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