The Four Canopic Jars in The Ancient Egyptian Death Ritual

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– What is a Canopic jar?

– What was in the Jars?

– How were they used in the death ritual?

– Why did they use these four Canopic jars?

What is a Canopic Jar?

It is a jar that can be rather big depending upon the deceased position in life, many of the common people did not have these jars, and was not given the same individual burial, as you see with seers, viziers and kings. But it was important for the ancient Egyptian religion, and their understanding of the here-and-after! Some times they were made of Alabaster and other times of other material such as Limestone, again matching their status in life.

What was in the Jars?

These four ritualistic jars contained the deceased’s organs, or at least some of the persons organs. It might sound terrible or even horrific for the normal person of today’s societies, which is quite understandable. Medicine was as important as astronomy was, and everything in ancient Egypt is linked together in a detailed manner. Such as four organs placed in four jars, that are protected by four Divine beings, to us known as stars. And these four divine stars were protected by a higher female universal force and so on.

How were these four jars used in the Death Ritual?

Actually this is not an easy question to answer, because of the complex nature behind the ancient mindset, which if you don’t mind me saying, has been very much undermined.

The organs is the part, that the doctor handles, hereby making them a medical subject, again connecting the religion to both astronomical sciences as well as medical. If we began to study how they removed the organs, then we will quickly see how much of medicine they really understood, which should leave everyone in awe or at least speechless.

Why did they use these four Canopic jars for the organs?

Yet another great question to ask! Well the be plain, there are theories some based upon imagination more than real archeological facts. I believe it to be the core of their religion, or should I say a core here on earth to move the soul onwards to the other three divine beings/stars. Yes there is actually 7 divine beings, but the last three does not seem to be represented in the tomb, as we see the four Canopic jars be.

These four Canopic Jars was also known as ‘The Sons of Horus’


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