Natural Mushroom a Manna of Today

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Mushroom is a healthy food, a good source of potassium and element that regulate blood pressure. It also help in balancing the water in fat and muscle tissues  also help to ensure that the cells are functioning properly. It was also noted that it helps lowering the risk of postate cancer.

Most of the mushroom that we bought from the market were  mostly  home-grown. They were made purposely and being managed. I guess, it is very amazing to just harvest them from the ground without doing some effort in making them.

Natural Mushroom

Nobody planted or grown them. They popped out from the ground every month of July till early September every year. I considered them as “Manna” of today. A gift from God. Hunting for mushrooms at very early in the morning was one of my childhoods’ highlighted event. Me and my cousins woke up every 4 o’clock in the morning and searched. Of course, you can’t see them those hours because it is little bit darker. But what we were doing was we are posting to those areas and spots where mushroom usually grew, so nobody can take it if ever there are some. (First come – first serve)  I used to break my arms because of this mushroom picking. While waiting for the sun to come out me and my cousins climbed on a guava tree but I fell on the ground. We were bringing  plastic bags, mini sacks and other containter for our harvest. If we have much harvest we sell some of them to our teachers in school. It  was a very wonderful experience.


– You can smell them even you are little bit farther from them. This will help you more eagerly search and find them.

– Natural mushroom harvested today need to be cooked and consume the same day, otherwise they will be rotten. (You don’t need to keep for tomorrow like Manna, as it grows again next day).

–  Yummier and more delicious than artificial and home made mushrooms.

– Naturally grown and chemical  free.

– They can be harvested and enjoy having them every month of July until early September.

– Easy to cook 

– You can mix them with meat and other veggies recipe for better and flavorful taste.


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