Alternative Holiday in Indonesia is to Visit The Lombok Island

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Indonesia is a country with the island very much.many people from all over the world spend their holidays to Indonesia. one of the island is Bali. the beauty of the island and its beach is very beautiful.
but actually manyother islands in Indonesia are no less beautiful than Bali,one of them is the island of Lombok.
island of Lombok is one of the small islands in Indonesia. Located in administrative areas NTB, Lombok has many unique thing likenature,culture,variety and many more.

But the most talked about lately is about the natural beauty of the island of Lombok. Starting from Senggigi beach, Malimbu, SekotongBeach, Central Lombok and Kutain Spring Gile Waterfall, waterfallsTiuvalve and many more various beauty of the island of Lombok.

Not surprisingly, many tourists come either from abroad or from domestic.Especially in the near future this will open the Lombok International Airport to support access to Lombok for faster and no longer need transit.The places that have been written over the currently being heavily promoted,especially with the onslaught of government programs Visit Lombok, Sumbawa in 2012 then it should as people of Lombok to participate.Tourist attractions can also be one of the mediatoeliminatefatigueafteractivity.Soit would not hurtustospend sometimeenjoyingthe natural beauty that exist on the island of Lombok.

In addition to geographic location adjacent to the island of Bali, the island is only 35km away, both have physical and cultural difference sare very significant.The beauty that can you get on the island of Lombok, among others, the splendorof Mount Rinjani, the beauty of waterfalls Spring Gila and Tiuvalve, white sand beaches with crystal clear wate rwith the divers ecoral and cultured pearls. With a unique culture and hospitality Sasak people, Lombok island can easily attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Other destinations you can visit on this island is Senggigi beachas a place of lodging conveniently located on the coast, Senggigiis located only about15minutes from the airport last Selaparang Mangsit coast, north of Senggigi. Cape A’an most people callthe secondafter aHawaiianbeach.Hereyoucanrelax while taking a bath-tub and enjoy the beautiful hills.

Lombok Island is also famous for Banyu Mulek mulek pottery-making center is very famous. and also there Sukarare Village is a center of weaving is very popular with the beauty of woven fabric and the last produced Sasak Traditional village, which according to the story already existed since the 14th century and is the origin going Sasaktribe


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