Methods in Discovering a Subject in Writing

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Starting to write is difficult especially if you don’t know the subject to work on. It is important for the writer to determine what he/she wants to write about. With this, the knowledge of discovering a subject to write could be beneficial.

There are several methods used by most of the writers in discovering a subject. These methods are the pyramid method, the brain pattern method, the brain storming method, the journal keeping method, the working outline method and the loop method.

The pyramid method is mostly used by writers which have the intention in developing thoughts. This method is also called as brain adaptation pattern. It involves listing to be able to discover a subject. Listing is a kind of a controlled method or a kind of free association technique whereby one would be able to discover a subject.

In listing, the specific purpose should be list down first in the top of the page. The next to do is to list down the ideas from the mind briefly and quickly. Next is to group the ideas according to their associations or classifications that relate to the concepts of the composition. It is important to give more emphasis on the items in the list that are more appealing or create more interest, reaction and conflict. The writer should set a limit to the most interesting and important ideas to be included. The last thing to do is broadening or developing the idea using the question-and-answer technique.

The brain pattern method is also considered as the free association technique. This technique is a hand-eye-brain process which allows the writer to record what he/she knows about the subject. The keywords which the writer produced will be now link together to make the composition. In preferring a brain pattern method, it is important always to start at the center of the page and words should be printed in capital letter. The words should be printed on lines, connecting to the center for basic structure. Write continuously to make the mind active in generating idea. It is also important not to spend too much time in a word when expressing your ideas.(bookrenter)

The brainstorming method is a spontaneous verbal activity used for expounding a subject. With this, the members of the group will be able to contribute their knowledge and participate in the formulation of the subject. The brainstorming method involves the exchanging of ideas which will eventually leads to explore, clarify, interpret and explain different ideas.

Working outline methods are used by writers to be able to see the blueprint or the skeleton of the composition that they are planning to write. These are graphic outlines that can be easily revised or reworded. In using working outlines, it is important to write the statement of the thesis on the top of the paper. Keywords or phrases should be used in order to record relevant ideas. The ideas should be ordered accordingly to their level of importance. In the bottom, a tentative conclusion can be made for the finale. The idea should be checked to ensure it relativity.

The loop writing method is also used to determine the subject in writing composition. In this manner, the writer is required to write about what he/she had known about something, that is without editing the work he/she had made until the thought, feelings or perceptions are discover. Using the loop writing, it must be remembered that the writer’s goal is to write a lot and make more changes or connections until the process is finish.


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