Ten Ways How to Keep Safe When Riding

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If you are with 1 000 kilometers during the wheels is an experienced rider or is that just tests, I need not tell you how much fun by riding his bike. What we also know that the cycle can be dangerous, if care is not appropriate. If due to not use the right equipment, other users or his motorcycle headlights malfunctioned, are here 10 ways for your safety and enjoyment.

(1) secure stay on his bike the foot of the crowd. It is tempting to go everything looks black, but the fact is, bright colors and reflective clothes for other people during the day and night is much easier.

(2) an important role to play in order to guarantee the safety of lighthouses by motorcycle at night and Misty conditions. Update the HID headlamp of motorcycle halogen. HID lamps are not only cheaper to run and more sustainable but is three times lighter than the ordinary bulbs. His blue arc a wider voltage range road is more visible and product.

(3) to see how many cyclists in summer without a helmet and wearing shorts and a t-shirt? How to help in the event of an accident? Not hidden: pants full protection, a jacket and a helmet is essential to not leave home without them.

(4) approaching a curve? Slow down, if it arrives and accelerate Keep within the speed.

(5) has a cruise? If there is no safety/accident/roll-bar, you must install it on the legs (and its engine) in a rollover, or to protect another light vehicles contact.

(6) before each trip, petrol, oil and fluids, as are the General State of his bicycle. Bulbs of projector, controls movement, cables, decks, frame and fork, require only one of the clashes.

(7) gloves regularly for signs of wear and ensure that the identifier is good because she has acquired. Uses the identifier allow control.

(8) the weight evenly and does not exceed the limit prescribed by the manufacturer. Luggage must be placed lower and more near the middle of the cycle. Make sure it is secure and interferes with their ability to steer the bicycle.

(9) you can use the headlights. If polycarbonate lenses, you can turn yellow or cloudy. Elimination of discoloration with special products “Wolfgang” or “Diamondite”-available online. Drilling or lights, halogen lamps, HID lamps replacement lamps led at the first sign of darkness.

(10) transport of passengers? If they are not as it is if you are an experienced pilot, he does not shy away from it, it was on the line. He has his feet on the foot pegs are still possible and what is fundamental, supported at the corners with you, not against you.

Horse riding is a type of life for many, but the fact is that, compared with cars, bicycles have a mortality rate much greater to zurückgelegte units. Each journey ~ short, but in a safe and pleasant way everything for your security and the people in their environment.

I’m really the best driver, can you be? If you have a vague suspicion that do not use an overwhelming response, Yes, to consider an education that advanced drivers.

LED and HID lighting on the Web and find bicycles and a convenient way to increase their security and they are also more visible to other users of the road, sometimes does not take into account that they can make their existence. Now removed, and your next trip a safer place.


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