Boracay – A Paradise on Earth

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Everyone is looking and searching for a paradise.  Well, you can find a piece of paradise here in the Philippines.  We all call it BORACAY.  It is a small island in the Visayas Region of the country.  Its 4-km white beach is enough to leave you at awe.   People from all over the world will agree to me that this place is truly a paradise.  With crystal blue water and white sand as white as powder, your craving for a perfect beach vacation is just here. 

I am very fortunate to work in this island.  I get to work and play.  It’s very different from working in a city life.  More laid back and simple.  Of course, the pressure of your work is still there, but it’s more relaxing and less stressful. 

People are so accommodating.  Locals treat you fair and they are always smiling.  They are always ready to help you anytime.  When I say anytime, I also mean even during wee hours.  It’s also safer in the island compared to the city.  Less crimes, and friendly people.

When it comes to activities, every water-sports activities you can think of is here.  Plus, nightlife here is a blast!  There’s no party place like Boracay, that’s why tourists from all over the world, inclusing the celebrities frequent this island.  From acoustic music to bars and restaurants, you will find it here.  Nothing more to ask for. 

If you want to just destress, think and just chill, you can always lay on the sand and watch the sunset before your eyes with a margarita on your hand.  Ahhhh, nothing compares.

Spend your summer vacation in this beautiful island and be amazed of what it has to offer and more.  Not only this island is for summer, but all-year round.  Even during rainy days, you will still enjoy your Boracay experience.  Boracay is not your ordinary beach destination.  There’s more to it than you know.  Go buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love and who knows, you will just fall in love with this island as much as I did.

They all say whatever happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay.  Well I say not all the time.


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