Flushing ur Urinary With a Little Berry!

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As women most of u’s have been plagued with the occasional yeast infection or urinary tract infection. These Infections can be very bothersome and really inconvient to our daily lives. This article will help you deal with the Side effects of these conditions.
Now, in no way am I saying that this information is to replace a doctors assessment or that you should not seek medical attention, as if symptoms are severe, by all means seek medical attention as soon as possible. For those without substantial or no health insurance, this is an organic approach to helping your body heal itself from within.

First and foremost you will need a few things to get started:
2-3 gallons of distiller water. This is the best water for flushing out our system
100% cranberry juice, no sugar added
Any medications you are taking including holistic brands

It would do your body good to abstain from any sugary foods and excess carbs during this time, as these are the things that are adding fuel to the fire already. Excess sugar in any form is not good for the body at all.

I would recommend that you perform this flush for at least 2 weeks to a month to flush your system adequately.
Start by drinking at least 2-3 cups of cranberry juice a day, if the symptoms are severe, if not 2 cups will suffice.
Drink your cranberry juice earlier in the day, as it will make you go to the restroom quite often combined with the water. That’s the whole point right?
You will also need to drink at least 6-8 glasses of the distiller water a day to help further flush/clean out your system.
Take any meds you are on as advised or prescribed, the cranberry juice & water will only help aide it’s purpose, & keep the infection going away and at bay.

While your doing this small detox, you may find that any impurities in your skin may clear up as well, this is due to the water and antioxidants in the cranberry juice! It’s a win win situation! Who doesn’t want clearer skin, right?

Try to drink the cranberry juice with the water combinated, one behind the other, with your meals. Sodas are a no no!

The sole purpose for this flush, is to get your urinary tract cleared & to get your vaginas ph back on track, that’s the ultimate goal, adding more water and cranberry juice occasionally to your diet will also help keep these problems at bay.
Follow the plan for the time advised, and your symptoms should start to subside within as little as a day! I know it can be a but expensive, but well worth it. Invest in a water filter for your faucet if you can’t get distilled water or spring water, the purer the water the better!
Happy healing & be blessed!


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