Kiss And Say Goodbye

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Kiss long before you goodbye,

Feel lasting passion to thrill,

When there is nothing more to say

Walk away with love walking tall.

Goodbye kisses leaves shadows

Of soft exploding image,

Sauntering along the morrows,

Beneath the physical camouflage.

A kiss prized the heart open,

And bring a message through the air,

Memories rise to haunt everything, 

Eyes lips and hands all shares.

Engage the waiting atmosphere,

Being in love captures desires,

The flavor of spring and summer,

Gives a heart the greatest pleasures.

Although some kisses gently fall,

Not all lips kiss with fire and feelings,

Though they kiss the skin to make a thrill

Indelible moment await the timing.

Kiss and say goodbye to it all,

Inseparable picturesque perfection,

Imagery of love lay where it fall

And chime in the clock of your mind,

Finds the sequence, your time and space

To share fantasy and see truth,

With a different brush of chance

The attraction is good for health.

Dear lover, you are my treasure,

As I follow you through the room,

The lingering trace turns and overpower,

The enchanting scent of your perfume,

You wake me every hour, with this secret power,

In darkness I can see you in the letter,

Moving with shadows of wanton taste,

To embrace your delicious lips.

The command of mystery surrounds the mind, 

Entertaining desire to lust after the phenomenon, 

Speaking warmly through anxious mannerism,

To have you near controlling my demon,

Choked inside, my emotions puzzle and cried,

To bring my anxious heart to ecstasy subside,

Acquisition from a world turned upside down,

I go back dreaming in a trance,

Strutting like a clown.

Dear lover, there’s question on my mind,

Attacking fatal heart and bondage deprived soul,

Deep inside the fantasy yearns, to take your gentle hand, 

And kiss the fingertips as they warmly twirl,

Exploring together, playing with a warbling touch,

Tunes under my skin, where excess blood flush

Quietly away, the cobwebs of doubt and stress.

To come and deliver my soul again connect with interest,

Dear lover, this nightmare had torn our moment’s bliss,

To renew the next hour with more fondant kiss.


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