Were Adam And Eve Happy With Their Body Design?

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Were Adam and Eve happy with their body design?

This happened long long ago. It’s difficult to say the exact day in the BC scale or AD scale.

All of us would want to have a feed back on what we have done, be it a performance on the dais or a painting or an article or a home maker’s new dish at the dining table. and so on.

In the same way, God Almighty too wanted to know right from the mouth of Adam and Eve of what they thought about their body design?

The Holy Bible says that God created Man in His own image. Won’t “Own image” mean that all parts of our body are the same as God’s? So, we can imagine that God too has a head, a face, two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet etc exactly like us.

In one of His usual daily afternoon visits, God happened to ask, “Adam, are you happy, my son? Is everything all right? Do all fruits get digested well?”

Adam didn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘digested’. So he gave an answer at a tangent “The pine apple pokes my tongue, Father god.”

“Next time, remove he skin and eat. Okay/” God had advised.

Adam’s eyes shone at the advice. Why didn’t it occur to him earlier?. He had remembered to peel off the banana skin, but as regards the pine apple…”

But this is not what God wanted and hence came straight to the point Himself. “Are you happy with two hands, Adam?”.

After a minute’s pause, Adam said, “Father-God, please give me a tail like the monkeys …”

“Tail? What for, son?”

“Father God, when I feel scratchy at the back, Eve refuses to scrape me nicely. She just runs her palm over the surface and runs off. That’s why?”
God turned His head Eve-wards with a jerk.

“Father-God, Adam wriggles and writhes when I touch his back.. I think he feels tickled. Hi…hi…hi…”

Interrupting her, Adam said, “If I have a long tail I could scratch my back nicely right up to the end all by myself until I feel satisfied. I don’t have to depend on Eve, Father-God.”

“ Have you any suggestions in this regard, Eve?”

“Give him a tail and be done with it Father God. But I don’t need any tail. When I want my back scratched, I can go to a deer. He has long nice horns and he can scratch my back nicely. But, one more thing
Father- God?

“What is it, my child?”

“I would like an eye at the back of my head, God, so I can see who follows me. I could also rub my own back by manipulating my left arm and the right arm, especially if Mr. Deer puts his price up ! I don’t want two eyes in front.”

“Oh !” exclaimed God Almighty. He felt so pleased that Adam and Eve could think for themselves so logically, a characteristic that was absent in His other creation in Heaven, the angels, who were almost like robots receiving and executing the orders faithfully without argument.

But God was in no mood to alter anything that He had already given His human creation. “Supposing they ask for two pairs of hands and two heads ! It may be difficult to convince them. They think pretty fast too …..”

“That’s all for today, children. See you tomorrow..” and God had disappeared for the day.
After God had taken leave of them, Adam took Eve to task. “Why did you ask for transfer of one eye from the front to the back.?” he demanded.

“Because I want to see what goes on at the back side of me. You too make fighting gestures standing behind my back, don’t you?”

“Yes, I try to frighten you. That’s all. Did you like my bid for a tail?”

“No. You should have asked for two more legs so that you could run as fast as the tiger.”

“Even now, I can outrun Mister Tiger, ” Adam asserted.

“No, you can’t. You will lose. Miser Tiger is too fast, you know? Shall I arrange a contest, say tomorrow?”

“Okay, “ Adam agreed and looked forward to the dawn of the next day.


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