Fire 800,000 Non-Essential Government Workers Immediately

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One radio talk show host recently pointed out that more of the government would be open during a “government shutdown” than was open on a federal holiday.  It seems that little joke had a grain of truth in it.  After all, the mail would still be delivered, social security checks would still go out and our soldiers would remain in the field.

My problem is the 800,000 government workers who were deemed non-essential and would not be reporting for work during a shutdown.  While we always have to make certain the soldiers in the field get paid, the 800,000  people who don’t need to show during a shutdown are in a different category altogether.  Each and everyone of them should be fired immediately.  The largest expense  in any enterprise is the people.

For the typical government bureaucrat, not only are they being paid a huge and exorbitant salary well beyond anything they could get in the private sector for leaning on a shovel, in addition, public employees also get huge retirement and medical benefits.  The easiest way to balance to the budget is fire 800,000 non-essential government workers.

The problem with firing 800,000 non-essential government workers is that President Barack Hussein Obama  is a socialist who believes that in a “perfect, Marxist ” world, everyone would work for the government.  And Harry Reid, the senate majority leader and his minions like Senator Chucky support socialism with every fiber of their being.

But all is not lost.  All the republicans in the house have to do is fire Speaker of the House Boehner and  find a House leader with a spine who is willing to shut down the government to save it.   In the future, republicans, don’t make as your leader a guy who wears pink ties and cries in public.

Firing the nonessential is the first and in some ways easiest step toward financial responsibility.  We also need a balanced budget amendment and the growth in spending for MediCare and Social Security have got to be curtailed.  The main way to get a handle on these entitlements will be to change eligibility criteria.  Obama has put too many people on MediCare.  Social Security eligibility will have to be pushed into the future for future beneficiaries.  But a lot of the details on these plans will have to wait for another day.


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