How to Create and Sell PLR Articles

People are always looking for content for their websites, articles directories and blogs. Many of these people want cheap articles that are researched and factual. People want to find interesting articles that fit their niche or that are considered high paying keywords. They want the keyword density higher than what you would fine on most websites. There is one way that you can supply these webmasters with the content that they need.

Creating PLR packages with ten articles in a package and selling them for $10 a pack will make you hundreds of dollars, but the webmaster only pays $10 for ten articles of 400 plus words. You generally sell the PLR article packages forty times. This means that you will make $400 before retiring that particular article package.

After you write the articles, you can zip all the documents together and upload them to Payloadz where you will be given a URL to place in your ad for customers to click through to buy the PLR package. You will need to register with Payloadz and have a Paypal account.

Before you zip the documents together, make an ad for your sales package. Every article should have a tease ad that looks like the sample below. Make sure to include a teaser from each article with the keyword and word count.

 Keyword: family

Word count: 451

Title of the article

The first two or three sentences from the first paragraph of the article the purchaser will buy.

Selling the PLR article packages can be done by advertising them on Digital Point or some other forum. You can make a blog for free at Blogger and sell the packages on your own blog or make a website for the selling page. Then you can market your website so you get some traffic.

As you post every PLR package, make sure to include the URL from Payloadz so that customers can click through and buy the package.

Special considerations:

Advertise how many times a particular package is selling for. If you are selling it forty times, note this by the URL Buy It Button (see sample). Every time you sell a package, reduce the number of packages left.

40 Sets Left To Buy (when you sell one change the number left to sell)

39 Sets Left To Buy (continue this until you are sold out)

You can sell smaller sets with 5 articles for $10, but then you would want to reduce the amount of packages to twenty for sale instead of forty for sale like the ten article packages.

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