Rules to be Happy

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The Rules For Being Happy

Do you ever think about why…

“Life Has To Be This Way”

We create the rules for our lives and then we want to
believe those rules are written in stone.

“You can never be happy.”

Now there’s a common rule. Many people have a rule that says
they can never be happy. I know I used to.

Oh, I never thought about it much. I just lived it. If
you’d asked me if it was okay to be happy, I’d say
“sure, of course happiness is a good thing”.

And I never would have looked at the fact I had a rule that
said I could never be happy. I didn’t think about it – or
feel the feelings – created by that rule.

Therefore, I had to live it out. I lived a life where I was
never happy.

What is your rule about happiness? Are you allowed to be
happy? If so, how much?

You DO have a rule which spells out exactly how much
happiness you’re allowed to have. And it has to be that
way. That’s the rule.

But who wrote the rule? Who makes the rules about how your
life has to be? Your mother? Your father? Your grade school
teacher? Your ex-spouse?

Or are you ‘channeling’ the words of your grandmother?
The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. It’s usually not
too hard to track down the origins of your rules.

Maybe you’ve adopted the exact same rules of your parents.

Or maybe you ‘pushed off’ your parents – by adopting the
exact opposite of their rules.

Of course, many rules you came up with by yourself. But
usually they’re just extrapolations from your parents’ rules.

You took the rules they gave you and adapted them to your
present situation.

Do you really want the same rules as your parents?

You don’t have to be a little robot following along in
your parents footsteps.

You might not have been able to help yourself when you were
making your rules. But what about today?

You’re grown up. And you’re a unique creature with a soul
that’s desperately trying to get through to you right now.

You have a soul that loves you. You have a soul who thinks
about you and wants to help you.

You have a soul who already knows the answer to every
question you could possibly ask. A soul who holds the
solution and resolution to every problem you will ever

You might want to stop reading for a second and let that in.

You have a soul.

It knows more than you and it wants to help you. How does
that feel?

Now, what about the rule that says you can’t be happy?
Your soul will help you if you let it.

You can rewrite that rule with your soul looking over your
shoulder. (Instead of your mother standing over you!)

You can invite your soul into your life. Ask it to be more
present. Ask it to help you.

It’s got the muscle. It’s got the willingness. The question
is, do you have what it takes to ASK?

– Life can be any way you want it to.

– It will be the way your rules say it will be.

– You can change your rules to anything you want.

– Your soul can help.

– You need to ask for help, then be willing to receive.

Is this ‘The Answer’ to emotional problems? No, but it’s
one piece of the puzzle.

“Allowing the help from one who is ‘more’ than you.”

In the program on “How To Create Your Own Reality” I talk
about just what your rules are; how to find them and how
to change them.

I don’t mention your soul anywhere in the e-book; I just
thought it would be a good idea to bring it up here.

You’ve got allies. Why not use them?

all the best,


Mark Ivar Myhre
The Emotional Healing Wizard

PS – While I don’t write about your soul in the e-book on
“How To Create Your Own Reality”, I do talk about the
secret to greater happiness. You might be surprised just
how simple it is.

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