The American Peoples Choices in Goverment

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The American Peoples choices in Government

I have written a previous article about how we choose those persons that we would elect to represent us in government. My conclusion was that we don’t choose who we would want to elect but are limited to electing someone that was chosen for us. This process would be difficult or impossible to change but there are ways to overcome this process. Two simple changes to our process would resolve this problem. The first and most important would be to do as the British do , hold confidence referendums periodically then if we find that a representative or a president is not working in our best interest we can call a no confidence vote to have them removed rather than let them continue to work out their term and continue to work against our wishes until their term is up. The second would be to establish term limits so that a representative would not have sufficient time, or be in office long enough for their support for lobbyists to be worthwhile. There is an option for a third change and that would be to have all elected representatives, including the President to sign a contract with the people includingtheir campaign platform detailing what they promise to do and how and why they intend to do it. If the contract is breached it could then be reason to call for a no confidence vote.

I think many people were hoodwinked by President Obama by his campaign promises, which were vague and misconstrued by the voters. His selection of members of his administration, and his lack of leadership, and his seemingly lack of supportfor the exclusive position the United States and the American people should hold around the globe. His demeaning posture of himself and the United States to other leaders of the world. I take offense to all of this but I have no alternative other than waiting four years for a new election and hope that there will be a change in the administration of our government.

I would like to vote for Donald Trump in the next election but I have some doubts. If I knew thatthe I and the peoplehad a way to remove him from office before his term was up if he doesn’t turn out to be the President I expect he would be, then my doubts would be of no consequence. This would apply to any one I would vote for.

Paul L. Viverito


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