Wwe Smackdown 08/04/2011 Review

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Alberto starts off by saying his destiny is delayed and how unhappy he is with Edge and Christian for damaging one of his children (car) and he will make them pay. Edge comes out in a tow truck, with Alberto’s car on the back. He calls Alberto a greedy, arrogant, narcissistic, moron! Edge says all the car needs is tender, loving care, before spray-painting it! Alberto tries to fight back by saying that he was close to making Edge tap out, but Edge comes back with that he did not get the job done! Alberto demands a rematch, but Edge say to get at the back of the long lone of other competitors. Christian then comes out the car and the two head to the ring to attack Alberto, but Teddy comes out and announces that Alberto will go against Christian in a number one contenders mates of a ladder match at Extreme Rules! This was a good opening to the show I though and the main event sounds nicely made, even though we have seen this mace twice before!

WrestleMania Rematch but best of three falls
Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston, The Big Show, Kane vs. Wade Barrett, Ezekial Jackson, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

Team Santino start with the upper hand and at one point near the start of the match Kofi performs a splash from the top of Big Shows shoulders and lands on Slater…Awesome! Just when Kofi is about to hit the Trouble in Paradise, Slater is pulled out of the ring. Now The Corre get the upper hand, but until Kofi hits a wheel kick in the corner before hitting a cross body for the first fall! Santino is now in the right against Slater, but just when he is about to hit The Cobra, he turns round and gets hit by a big boot by Wade and is then hit by the Wasteland for the second fall! Is it just me, or does Wade and Kane look alright against each other? The two fight, before the rest of The Corre get into the ring and start attacking Team Santino for the DQ…This match would have been perfect for WrestleMania, but as this did not happen, I guess this does make up for it!
After the match, Big Show, Kane and Santino chokeslam Zeke!

Cody Rhodes vs. Trent Barrtta
Such a boring match, but like I have said before…Since Cody’s change of character, I do not care anymore. After the match, Rey comes to save Trent who is getting attacked by Cody.

Backstage, Edge wishes Christian luck in his match!

LayCool vs. Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly
Beth starts the match by dominating McCool. A funny moment, was when Beth threw McCool into Layla on the apron and we saw her fly off! McCool and Layla start arguing as McCool was unable to tag her in! Beth Gorilla slams Layla into the corner and kicks her in the mid section…I like seeing Beth’s strength! Kelly Kelly locked in a tarantula before doing a cross body from the top rope for a two count! Kelly Kelly then Spanks Layla…Loved it! Kelly Kelly then hits her with an X Factor for another two count…So far Beth and Kelly Kelly are dominating! After a few kicks from Layla, she goes to tag in McCool who rolls out the way and with Layla distracted, Kelly Kelly rolls her up for the win!

Cole introduces Swagger to the ring! Swagger starts saying how Cole earned is dominating win and the nickname Mr. WrestleMania…Cole should really not be calling himself that! Cole says there is no one backstage that can beat Swagger and with those words, you know someone is coming. As they victory lap, out comes Sin Cara and attacks Swagger, better than he did with Sheamus!

Backstage, Layla says LayCool need couple therapy and that they need help…No, you need to split!

Number One Contenders Match
Alberto Del Rio (with Brodus Clay) vs. Christian

Edge joins the commentary team for this match. After a suplex from the top rope, the two lay flat as the referee counts before Alberto gets up and tries to go for a pin, which Christian instead rolls him up for a two count! After a missile drop kick from the middle rope, Christian gets another two count! After a cross body from the top rope, Christian gets another two count! Alberto slingshots Christian into the corner before trying to lock in his arm breaker, but Christian makes it to the rope. After a distraction from Brodus, Edge spears him down and Alberto does a kick to the head as Christian goes to the top rope for the win…Great main event and well down Alberto…I knew you would win!

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