How State And National Parks Were Started

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State Parks and National Parks in America are one of the best things we have for the people to see and visit.  How was this all created and started.  The president named Theodore Roosevelt is who made this all possible.  Way back in the early 1900’s he worked with his chief of Forestry named Gifford Pinchot and was able to in one week make this all possible. 

 He had a huge opposition in the fact that there were many people and government heads who wanted to use the land for private use.  Theodore quickly gathered all the maps he could mind and claimed all the great placed he knew about and saved them aside to make national and state parks on these unique pieces of land.  When the time came to decide on the land Theodore and his team had marked out all the land that they could find and claimed it all.  This land would all be set aside for the development of our state and national parks system.  Thousands of acres of land was saved under Theodore Roosevelt which is with us today that we are all enjoy anytime we visit a state or national park.  Many of these areas of land that he plotted out on mapped that he wanted to be saved were places he had personally hunted on or thought were beautiful and unique.  Roosevelt had a real obligation to make sure this land was not taken away and given to private use.  This land he wanted to be around for generations to come so children hundreds of years later could enjoy and learn all he did about nature in the same beauty as he saw it as in his time.

 If we did not have a president with such a great love of nature and the outdoors we would not have state and national parks today rather all developed land as far as the eye could see.  These state and national parks really are the true beauty of America and all that is great to see here, let us thank Theodore Roosevelt for all his efforts.


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