How to Collect And Create an Email Address List?

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If you are into email marketing field or you want to communicate with several people and corporate entities worldwide, you have to have a comprehensive email address list. It is not easy to collect email addresses of commercial entities and associations because it is expensive if we buy from market. Additionally, email addresses of individuals are not available in markets to be bought. Moreover, it may be very sensitive, when it comes to individual issues, because there shall be so many people who are not interested to receive messages from strangers. The following tips will help you to create individual and commercial email address lists.


Get a hard copy of a comprehensive business directory like yellowpages and start collecting email addresses in category base. I am sure that this process is hard, but according to a beginner, who is not having capital to invest, this is the effective way. Collected address shall be used to target local companies and establishments.

If you want to communicate with owners and executives of foreign establishments and companies, you have to get business directories from your friends studying, living or working in abroad. The other way is to depend upon websites of chambers of commerce of foreign countries.


Gathering email address of individuals is much easier than collecting the same for commercial entities. Join online groups and participate in their discussion. You can enrich your knowledge, language capacity while you collect their mail addresses. Certain yahoogroups have more than one hundred thousand members. If you become member of such groups, you will have golden chance to collect more mail addresses.

The second way to collect email addresses of individuals is to visit directories of alumnis, associations of students, professionals, traders etc. but it is very important to keep in mind that, you have to ask permission from the persons in your mailing list for sending them mail messages of marketing, prior to send it. You have to add an ‘Unsubscribe’ option in your mail messages, so that, receivers can inform you to delete their names from your mailing lists, if they are not interested to receive from you marketing mail messages.



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