Amazing Tiny Art of Anton Tang

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Many of us, at times, would like cardboard boxes over our heads to shield ourselves from the world around us, due to embarrassment or guilt, while at other times, we feel akin to the faceless, boxes produced on assembly lines. The facelessness that sometimes seems to descend upon us all is not an unfamiliar feeling, and artist Anton Tang has given it a unique form of expression

His creative, miniature cardboard people, box-shaped of course are wonderfully satirical, created using toys to express the unique take that Anton has on the fragility of life. Sited all over Singapore, these enchanting little figures are brim full of individual personality, looking like cardboard boxes, though actually Danboard figures,  cardboard box suited characters from Manga series Yotsuba&, a very popular show!

Recycling objects or materials often happens on a very big scale, but Anton prefers much smaller pieces, usually child playthings, put to artistic use after being discarded. Taking the tiny models he himself collected, years ago, Anton puts them into unexpectedly familiar settings, on a tiny scale that seems to emphasize the significance of every minute detail in each setting, allowing the miniature-sized players in each scene to touch the hearts of viewers in profound ways

Making a statement with these tiny installations, Anton sends a message about recycling that the material world rarely gets, recycling the essence of humanity, simply through his re-imagining the ways in which characters within his small scenarios relate to each other, all  of us recognizing ourselves, to some extent, in these cardboard figures.

Asked what his inspiration was for  photographing them, Anton replied that it had all begun when he bought his first DSLR camera, taking pictures of toys doing  ridiculous things, just to share with  friends. All who saw these, to the great surprise of Anton himself, overwhelming responded positively, encouraging him to take more pictures, then to start his  Danboard project aiming to brighten up the day for all who view the images.

Anton has succeeded, beyond his wildest dreams, in his ambition to please the public, and everyone who views his amazing works is both touched and inspired, these pathetic, tiny figures with unspoken but obvious humanity reaching deep into the soul of the observer. This, inspirational work, helping promote recycling in society, as well as providing endless pleasure, is truly wondrous art from an unforgettable artist. Brilliant.


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