Traits Of Highly Successful People:energy 50 Day Vmc (Day 47)

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In the previous articles, I have shared that all highly successful people have common traits that we can duplicate in our own lives. So far we have explored:

1. Passion, 2. Belief, 3. Strategy, 4. Clarity of Values.

Trait #5 is Energy.

No matter what else you see in the thunderous excitement of a U2 concert, or the entrepreneurial dynamism of Donald Trump or Steve Jobs, you unmistakably see energy. It is almost impossible to drag your feet toward success. Highly successful people take their opportunities and mold them, and move quickly with massive amounts of energy toward excellence.

They live as if they are obsessed with the abundance that each day holds, and they recognize that the one thing that no one has enough of is time. Many people in this world have a passion in which they believe. They know the strategy that would make it a reality, and their values are aligned, but they just don’t have the physical energy and vitality to take action on what they know.

Write this down and memorize it:

“Great success is inseparable from the physical, intellectual, and spiritual energy that allows us to make the most of what we have.” -Anthony Robbins

Everything else can be in place. You can have tremendous passion and belief about your endeavor and yourself. You can have a strategy that is proven and is in line with your values. But, if your biochemistry is messed up, the whole system gets thrown off. You could have the most beautiful racecar ever designed, but if you try to fuel it with soda and beer, it’s not going to go anywhere. You can have the best car, highest-octane most efficient fuel, but if the spark plugs aren’t firing correctly, you cannot get peak performance.

Your body performs more efficiently with higher energy levels. You feel better when your body performs efficiently. And the better you feel you are more likely to function at optimum levels to create outstanding results.

Our physiology is the most powerful tool to maximize all the tools, time, talents we have to produce dynamic results. If you change your physiology you can instantly change your results.

Have you ever seen a football game where a team comes onto the field “flat?” They immediately begin to get their butts whipped and it seems like they are just giving a half-hearted effort? Then, one key play from one key player just amazes everyone – not necessarily because it was extraordinarily athletic or miraculous, but because this player just wouldn’t quit.

His physiology never showed slumped shoulders, head down and feet dragging. Instead, kept his chest out, head high, and feet moving fast – his physiology kept him in a state of victory in spite of the circumstances. So, he kept fighting, and pursuing what they went onto the field to achieve – victory – and keeping himself in this powerful state played out effectively on the field. Have you ever seen this happen?

I know I have, and sometimes what is even more amazing is how his physiology somehow mysteriously entrances the entire team. Suddenly they change. A virtual Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde experience takes place and the team “synergistically” morphs into super athletes, takes over the game in a dominating come back.

Physiology is powerful, and if you aren’t in a peak state consistently your chances of success diminish drastically. High levels of energy are created when our physiology is at its peak. And it is important to realize that we control this key trait.

Answer these questions:

1. What do you do each morning to get yourself into peak physiology, that
creates maximum energy to start your day?

2. Throughout your day, what do you do to sustain that energy?

3. What kind of fuel are you putting into your physical machine to ensure it is running at top efficiency?

4. Do you take time to rest, refuel, recharge, and improve?

I don’t know how you answered those questions, and there isn’t enough space here to cover these issues effectively. But, if you have concerns in any of these areas I would encourage you to do the research required for you to make changes that give you tools to generate maximum energy day in and day out.

Achieving success is difficult enough with a well-oiled machine running at its peak. Going at it with a rusty, out of tune, weak machine running on substandard fuel makes it nearly impossible. To be highly successful, you need the energy to get to the finish line, so apply some practical adjustments physically so you don’t quit from exhaustion just before breaking the tape.


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