How to Prevent Diabetes.

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Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is caused by shortage of insulin in the human body.  Insulin, which is a hormone produced by the pancreas, helps conversion of glucose (sugar) into muscle, fat and liver cells.  A diabetic (person affected by diabetes) suffers from high levels of sugar in the blood.  

Diabetes is caused by either insufficient insulin (pancreas does not produce enough) or resistance to insulin (muscle, fat and liver cells do not respond to insulin) or both.  Former is called type – 1 diabetes and the latter type – 2 diabetes.  Blurry vision, fatigue, frequent urination, excessive thirst, weight loss and hunger are some common symptoms of diabetes.  Long term effects of diabetes include blindness, stroke, heart attack and amputations.  

Tips to prevent diabetes:  

There is no cure for diabetes.  But it can be prevented.  Especially the type – 2 diabetes can be prevented during initial stages (pre-diabetic stage) .  Here are some practical tips on how to prevent diabetes:

  • Exercising regularly and having an active lifestyle goes a long way in preventing diabetes.  It also helps in preventing obesity.  Obese people are at higher risk of getting diabetes.  Walking is an ideal exercise.  It increases the metabolism.  Yoga can do wonders if learnt and practiced under a qualified teacher.  Engaging the body in activities like jogging, dancing, swimming, etc will help a great deal in preventing diabetes.  

  • Diabetes can also be prevented by modifying dietary habits.  Diet with less amount of carbohydrates is ideal.  Carbohydrates should be avoided for dinner.  White rice, potatoes, bread and pasta are high in carbohydrates.  They may be replaced with whole grain diet.  Brown rice may be used instead of white rice.  Sweets should be avoided.  Meat should be avoided (especially red meat).  Fresh fruits and vegetables which are high in fiber should be consumed.  Bioflavonoids in fruits and vegetables are known to stimulate insulin production.  Beans is very effective in lowering sugar levels in blood.  Oat-meals, popcorn, raisins and nuts are very good in preventing diabetes.  Large quantities of fluids should be consumed.  Having smaller meals is better than having big ones.  

  • Smoking tobacco should be avoided.

  • Sleeping for seven hours continuously in a day without any disturbance will go a long way in preventing diabetes.  

  • Cinnamon is found to be effective in preventing diabetes.  It ensures that the cells use sugar in the blood effectively.  It also reduces craving for sugar.  

  • Prickly Pear Cactus (Optunia) is found to be effective in preventing diabetes by lowering blood sugar levers.  

  • Bitter melon is very effective in lowering blood sugar levels.  In fact its effectiveness can be compared to the pharmaceutical drug Glibenclamide.  It increases insulin sensitivity in the body which facilitates effective processing of glucose in the blood.  

  • Blood sugar levels and blood pressure should be monitored regularly.  


Preventing diabetes requires modification of lifestyle.  It requires exercising of will power.  But the efforts definitely pay dividends.  Governments all over the world should educate the people regarding the possibility of preventing diabetes.



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