The Philosophical Meaning of a Ladder to Understand The Application of The Quantum Mechanics in a Capitalist Society

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Our life is full of symbolism and sometimes a thing, that aparently is nothing else outside its material nature, has more significance than the amount of atoms of its isolated and finite structure.

Some objects, with human or animal forms, were adopted by religions, mithology, literature and common sense, representing saints and idealized creatures – mainly our fears of death or our wishes of being immortal. I am more interested in the phylosofical meaning of the things around us, as the ladders, for instance.

A ladder has great philosophical meaning, because it reminds that to be on the highest position, you have to pass by the previous steps – except if believe in quantum mechanics. In this case, you are supposed on a certain level and there must stay until receive an external amount of energy enough to jump to another, when  get excited and feel stronger to face the main challenger – youself.

Thinking about this, I have an advertence for the unexperienced fighters in this specific war: if you arrive on the top of your ladder, don’t forget you may fall down; if you can’t avoid the fall, get up and try again.

Some people prefere to jump steps any way, without using no rules or respecting the others. They soon get frustrated, fallen on the ground, dead or without forces to keep trying.

The extremely poor people usually are lost in a lowest level of the society. They even don’t have any ladder, don’t see hope and don’t know the exit to leave the system. Undoubtably, they need help from those that are on a higher status quo.

Unfortunately the Quantum Mechanics also works in society. In a capitalist society, the poor people don’t have chance to change of state. They are doomed to lived under sub-human conditions, day after day, year after year, during all life. If absorb a ray of light, a quantum of government energy, could dream of better nights.

But if you win your personal battle without external help, congratulations, you are a hero, and not a simple electron or other crazy particle in the air. Who knows, reach the imortality on the heavens, so long you may go.

Ritacos. All Rights Reserved. April, 9th, 2011 – Brazil.


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