Saffron Moroccan Restaurant in Houston, Texas: A Very Brief Overview

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Saffron is a Moroccan restaurant located between Montrose and the Upper Kirby area, a little hidden in a side street called Lexington, at 2006 Lexington Street close to the 59 Freeway.

The outside of the venue greets you with a nice patio with several tables, and inside you hear Arabic music and are mesmerized by the colors and the ambiance. The place is not too big but cozy and they have tables but if you are not a big group maybe less than six then there is “the room”, which has two square low tables and soft sofa seating; it is very intimate and cozy.

If you are not familiar with the Moroccan cuisine, the wait staff will be more than happy to help you and they make an effort to see if you like sweet, tart or spicy and go on that to suggest a plate. The service gets an A, while the prices get a C as they tend to be on the high end it is very easy for one person to spend $40 or more but you can order family style for $35 per person and get an array of food, and they also offer a belly dancing show from Thursday through Saturday.

For their appetizers go with the maakuda which are potato cakes with sharmoula sauce and sautéed shrimp for $7.95 or the Moroccan sausage, which comes in a creamy sauce and potatoes for $9.95, or even the Moroccan ceviche which consists of lime cured halibut, scallops and shrimp with ginger for $8.95.

For their entrées go with the lamb and kefta kabobs which come with a sweet rice with caramelized onions and raisins for $15.95, or the etyour which are two marinated quails served with saffron rice for $14.95, or the djej medfoun which is sautéed chicken breast with onions and ginger tossed in egg noodles for $14.95. Or try one of their tagines dishes such as the knya tagine which is braised rabbit in a saffron broth with potatoes and carrots for $19.95 or the oxtail which comes in a ginger broth with garbanzo beans for $16.95, or try the couscous badaoui which has chicken and seven types of vegetables for $14.95.

The food is really good and seems to be authentic, and the portions for their entrées are rather big so you can share it with another person, the food gets an A+.


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