Microsoft Request Users to Have Patience For Wp7 Update Instead of 'homebrew Solutions'

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Microsoft has requested Windows Phone 7 users to have faith and hang around for the official platform update as an alternative of going for ‘homebrew solutions’ accessible in the wild.

In a blog post, Microsoft’s Eric Hautala stated that the Company functioning as fast as it could to convey the ‘copy paste’ update to its users and advised against installing workarounds to vigor the update.

“I am an engineer as well as gadget lover, I can understand the feeling of nerves of users. Users need the foremost technology and all are drained of in the making. Wait for some time more and you will get the results,” Hautala wrote on the blog post.

Microsoft has asked to show restrained to the users of Windows Phone 7 as not to implicate the installation of a homebrewed update, declaring that it could direct to a misconfigured device or root the users to fail to spot out on significant features. Hautala also said that organizing untested updates of the phone could even stop working correctly and negated device warranty.

“If you endeavor one of these stuffs, we can’t articulate for definite what capacity happen to your phone since we haven’t completely tested these homebrew techniques. Users may not be receiving the imperative device precise software that would characteristically distribute in the official update. Or your phone could get misconfigured and not get future updates,” the company informed.

Those still waiting for the update should go to the ‘where’s my phone update’ page provided by Windows Phone, to check on its development in various regions.

Windows Phone 7 (WP7) sounds really interesting and may in future become number one in World Wide market as Microsoft is dreaming the same for many months al together. Right now it is fighting with many other giant companies and may be it may come out as clean winner. WP7 updates are coming out soon and will give lots of people their wanted stuff but if they go with other updates or like Apple jailbreak then their device may loose sheen. That is really good thinking from Microsoft as they will like to keep all their members with them.

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