Inheritance of Loss

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Inheritance of Loss

Inheritance of loss  is suddenly death  as  we all know at least one person or have heard of someone who was seemingly healthy but died all of a sudden. “He was fine, had dinner with us, and then he suddenly collapsed,” the story often goes like that. Doctors  now say that such sudden deaths can be avoided. The advancement in genetic study has now made possible a test to control complications that lead to sudden death.

Since it is not yet ready for clinical testing and there have been questions raised worldwide on the ethical side of doing genetic testing, no hospital has a facility for it yet but there are a few doctors in India who are helping patients undergo it.

Testing is the long process. It takes about six months to one year for the results to come. Some people don’t  mind waiting that long. These researchers do the job for free.

 Only one among his three patients has gone for the free testing though.” The rest got it done through an American agency; they got the results in two months and had to pay Rs.50000 each.”

So who should go for it? Anyone can go for it, even I would like to get my genetic mapping done. It is like having your health horoscope. But this test is ideally for those who have a family history of sudden death. One patients , he lost his mother suddenly and then this sister; the sister died while playing . His test came positive and we have now put a defibrillator or ICD in him to prevent such an occurrence in him.”

Implantable Cardioverter  Defibrillator is a kind of pacemaker that is programmed to detect cardiac arrhythmia and correct it by delivering a jolt of electricity. Most sudden death, add the surgeon, “ are because of sudden cardiac arrest or brain hemorrhage. The defibrillator helps us save the person from such disorders.”

Though there is no study conducted on specifically Indian patients so far to know how many die of sudden death a year, Doctor quotes 20 percent such deaths put in the category of natural death across Europe and the U.S.” Irregular heart  beats suddenly happen and the patient dies before you can offer any medical help. The test examines the genes linked to heart channels to know if a patient is prone to such a death.”


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