Rim Needs 2 Years to Check Email Security

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RIM had deprived of on Thursday it was scheduling to offer access to data transmitted via Blackberry Enterprise Server.

“RIM reiterates that any proposition that it is allowing, or scheduling to facilitate in any time frame, access to data broadcasting through BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is both phony and technologically infeasible,” it had said in a statement. The company’s communications with the government were positive and on track, it had said.

India has susceptible to shut off BlackBerry Messenger and corporate email services except it gains access to them, in a campaign driven by fears that unmonitored communication puts the country’s security at danger.

RIM avoided a prohibit last year, and the Indian government said in late October that RIM had set up an interim understanding for lawful interception of BlackBerry Messenger services (BSM) and assured a final solution by the end of January 2011.

RIM is facing lots of problem from Indian side as Indian government need data from them as due to Pakistan based terrorist using their service to contact with local bad muslims (Note: not every muslims of India are bad, many are good too), to harm India and their conversation are not tracable.

Indian Home minister is keeping tight look in to this matter as they need all data from India and RIM (Research in Motion) is not in a mood to provide it and by doing so RIM may loose India members in coming days.

RIM (Research in Motion) is trying hard to stop this ban by throwing many tactics towards Indian Government but this Canada Company need some more reason to be in India without loosing their members data.

Without getting data India will not let RIM to work here and RIM want to continue and for that they have taken Canada Government help to sort out issue with India Government but India needs it and will have it.

RIM the Canadian Company, the well known Research in Motion will have to give the data to survive in big market like India or they will loose lots of business, money and reputation and their competitors will be benefitial.


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