Did Indian Cricket Team Carry Fake World Cup Trophy?

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What happened with the original 2011 world cup trophy?
The statements made by ICC were true?
Did MS Dhoni carries the original trophy?

After 1983 Indian cricket team again able to left world cup trophy in 2011 in his own home ground that no other cricket team ever made. The whole nation was waiting for this movement from 28 years. The prayers of nation and hard working of the Indian cricket team finally made it done in 2011 under the captaincy of MS Dhoni.

Nobody ever expects that after hardworking for so many years ICC going to present with the fake 2011 world cup trophy. The Indian media were first who identify this problem and the news spread like fire all over the word. Indian Custom declares that they keep the 2011 world cup trophy because ICC did not pay custom duties.

The arguments starts between ICC and BCCI. ICC mention that the trophy which was given to the Indian cricket team was real and the trophy seized by Indian customs were the promotional trophy. While the real trophy carries a logo of 2011 world cup and promotional trophy only carry the world cup logo. ICC further mention that this promotional trophy will soon release by Indian customs and taken back to ICC headquarter in Dubai.

The Indian media start making questions to Indian customs about real 2011 world cup trophy. The answer of  customs Officers were  “we don’t know either, the only things we know is that ICC need to pay 22 lakh to Indian custom. The trophy was found in personal baggage of two passengers who travel from Colombo to India Emma Waite and RixonHeyder.

The statement made by ICC still made Indian media in doubt that was the real trophy left by MS Dhoni or the kisses of man of the tournament YuvrajSingh went on test less. The BCCI advice Indian custom to keep the trophy until the case is resolve. All the former Indian cricketer showed strong reaction on ICC after all its time for Indian nation, and they deserve the best.

ICC should make it earlier even month, so they can avoid any problem regarding to custom, but ICC is earning 600 crores with Tax exemption of 45 crores, they can’t event pay custom of 22 lakh.


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