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It’s not at ease for everybody here to generate better traffic to their articles. It takes a lot of time to compose an article and more than that to make it spread. You have many ways and techniques to do that, it follows from the website itself on which you publish an article to the social networking Websites, that helps you to share your content with your friends.

The first and easy way of generating traffic to content is the website itself on which You published article, before you start writing an article you should make few friends on the website. You should comment on their existing and new published articles by reading them properly no fake comments, tell them best part of their article. So when you publish your article, there will be a list of people who are interested in your content and welling to comment on it.

The second thing to create sound traffic is the article topic, for good traffic you should write interesting topics that attract other people to the main body of article. Reader should feel increase in his information level at the end. The information used in article main body should be reliable, enough and explained fully. Reader shouldn’t feel questioned.

The third way of generating traffic to your content is Blogging. You will get unexpected results from Blogging, and you don’t need extra resources for blog. You just need an account in You can use you  written,Contents to create blog and leave links of other articles on the side bar of blog. The reader will definitely click the other link if he felt comfortable with blog information. Again the blog should be informative and attractive.

The Fourth way is social networking sites, without which you can’t live. Everyone on the Internet is familiar with social networking websites like, Facebook, twitter, Digg and Stumbleupon. The only thing you need to do is copy the link of your article and paste it on your wall, you can send that link my e-mail to your friends. The best social networking website is digg and stumbleupone. You can get more than 100 views by one click, in response you need to view, like and comments other user links, so they will be ready to help you as in future.

The last thing that affects your traffic is tags. They really play the important role to generate traffic to article, the more accurate you tag the more traffic you get. Tags are actually short name of the product that user use to find it on search engine. Like, I need to find information about Traffic. How do I increase it? So if someone actually tagged like, Traffic, How to Increase traffic the search engine results directly lead me to it.


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