Think And Grow Rich – Is it Worth Your Time to Read?

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I just recently finished reading Think and Grow rich. Most people are probably wondering what principles are discussed in the book, and is it still worth my time to read it. Well Here is your answer:

YES! It is absolutely worth your time to read! Here’s Why:

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill outlines 13 steps to “Think and Grow Rich”. While almost all of them are common sense, never has there been a book that puts all the steps together in such a clear and concise manner.

Now, I am not going to pretend to tell you that by reading this book money will magically show up in your bank account, However, what I will tell you is that if you take action and follow the 13 steps outlined in this book you will most certainly be on your way to untold riches. Here is a brief overview of those 13 steps for those of you looking for the “cliff notes”:

  1. Desire – The is the starting point on which all riches are built. Without a burning desire for money none of the other steps would matter
  2. Faith – The visualization and belief that you will attain your desire
  3. Auto Suggestion – The repeating of your desire out loud, twice daily to imprint it into your subconscious mind
  4. Specialized Knowledge – Specific knowledge of the service, merchandise, or profession that you intend to offer in return for the fortune you desire
  5. Imagination – You must be able to tap into your creative imagination to come up with new ways or better ways of doing things
  6. Organized Planning – You must have a clear and concise plan to obtain your burning desire
  7. Decision – Leaders make decisions quickly and are very slow to change them. This step is the opposite of procrastination
  8. Persistence – I am going to borrow a line from a different book at this point. “You must persist without exception” Andy Andrews, The Travelers Gift
  9. Power of the Master Mind – You will never know everything, so you must find other people to “mastermind” with. This will help you to develop new and creative ideas.
  10. The mystery of Sex Transmutation – Very simply put, sex is the strongest human desire. This step is the ability to transfer the desire for sex into other productive activities.
  11. The Subconscious Mind – This step is really directly related to step 3. This is the process of controlling your subconscious mind through auto-suggestion and positive thinking.
  12. The Brain – Kind of a “no brainer” (sorry, couldn’t resist). This is really a combination of steps 3,5, and 11. If you can control your thoughts and thus your brain, there is no limit to what you can achieve.
  13. The Sixth Sense – The ability to recognize when great ideas flash into your head, if only for a moment, and the ability to act on those.




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