There is No Shop For Ideas: Article Ideas Are All Around You

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They are constantly churning over snippets of ideas in their heads, slotting together random thoughts and seeing what gels into the beginning of an article. They keep their eyes and ears open.

Observation here is the key. Don’t let yourself become so hassled that you don’t have time to look around. Article ideas are all around you. You just need to stop and watch. By recording things that you see around you will improve your observational skills. So stop, watch, record and think.

 Here are some tips where to get ideas:

1. What if? Here you must imagine a world where everything you know gets turned on it head. Example: What if there was a place where children hated ice cream but loved vegetables?

 2. Talking Pictures. Grab a bundle of old magazines. Cut out any pictures that take your fancy. Stick them in a drawer. When you look at them months later, they are already out of context but you will be astounded by the ideas they spark.

3. Holy Smoke. People have been raiding the Bible for story ideas for more than 2,000 years. Why stop now? You can use Cain, Abel, Adam, Eve and Noah’s Ark as subjects.

 4. Once Upon a Time. There is no copyright on fairy tales. Imagine the fun you can have when you stick Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs into fiction setting. You can make Snow White as an astronaut and the Dwarfs are the aliens.

5. Read All About It. The newspapers are packed with story ideas. They are hidden away in the quirky fillers at the bottom of the page. A quick scan of one day’s papers should provide you with enough ideas to write.

6. Scribbles. It is a good practice to write down a line or two when you see or hear something that tickles your imagination while you are out and about. They could be fund of potential ideas.

7. Funny Titles. They are also mine for fresh ideas. Funny titles can be found on some magazines, newspapers, movies, radio drama or the name of a restaurant and many more for as long as they tickle your imagination.

8. Bard Luck. Shakespeare can be another great source of ideas. Sometimes you have to take time to read Shakespeare writings.

9. All the Pun of the Fair. You can also get a quirky new article idea from playing about with puns. This is about the humorous use of a word or phrase so as to emphasize, to suggest its different meanings and applications or the use of words that are alike or nearly alike in sound but different in meaning.

10. Nick, Nick. Fresh ideas can be taken also from using published works as inspiration or you can also get ideas from your own several published articles if you will go back and look at them and rewrite them.


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