Lionel Senility

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ALZHEIMER’s usually experienced by the aged (elderly). No wonder if sometimes the grandmother or Your mother even forget to call the name of her children. But don’t get me wrong. Men can tergrogoti senility. Even could be more awesome. Just look at the results of the research here.

According to research at Henry Ford Health System (HFHS), in line with increasing age, brain guy is shrinking faster than the female brain. Depreciation associated with aging that occurs in the brain is front and Center who played on the activity of thinking, planning, and remember. Well, right.

His difficult, when it already you naturally in young age. Or the brain you experience premature aging. The initial symptoms of premature aging of brain cells, among others, are difficult to recall something, it’s easy to forget, or dementia (loss of organic intellectual function). If not immediately addressed will speed up Alzheimer’s brain, as well as the emergence of Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer ‘s. If so, you must be diligent-diligent comes to the doctor.

However, generally, the problem of the aging brain is a natural process to be followed in every living thing.So no need to be so dirisauklan. Even so, it’s worth when you look for a way to prevent the occurrence of premature aging brain cells. The following tips can be applied to extend the life and prevent premature aging.

First, Think positive, rational, objective and relax. It needs to be trained and applied in the face or look at something. So, consequently You should throw away the negative thoughts, emotional and subjective. Such thoughts can cause distress and damage the health.

Second, to optimize the work of intellectual property. So the brain will generate a variety of innovative thinking, productive and beneficial to both humans and their environment. Such thinking would be longer than the age of the brain is physically. Reading for example, is one of the ” sports ” good brain.

Third, adjust diet or nutritious balanced diet. Some results show that consumption of a variety of food, fresh vegetables and fruits can prevent premature aging and improve cognitive ability of the brain. In addition of course healthy body. The positive effects of fresh fruit and vegetable consumption on brain cells were derived from various nutrients contained therein.

The benefits of consuming vegetables and fresh fruits are not only nourish the body, preventing degenerative diseases, but also can refresh brain cells, improving its functions, as well as protect them from violence compound radicals are very damaging brain cells. In other words, a lot of eating vegetables and fresh fruits will prevent and delay premature aging brain cells.


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