7 Upcoming Philadelphia Events For Spring 2011

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Philadelphia will be buzzing with activity as a number of events rock the city. You have the choice to go to a number of outdoor food, music and festival events; if you not the outdoors type, you can immerse yourself into the depths of a painting or lose yourself in the contemplation of some singer’s words!

Below is the list of 7 upcoming Philadelphia events this spring. We assure you, you don’t want to miss any of them!

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts
This is the first year for this new festival. Lasting for more than 25 days, including 135 events with 1500 artists this is a truly mega-event. The event is inspired by the creative of Paris a hundred years ago and seeks to generate the same atmosphere of creativity in Philadelphia. You will find a number of artists, musicians, chefs, models, performers showcasing their talent in PIFA from April 30.

The St. Patrick’s Parade
Philadelphia has celebrated St. Patrick’s Parade in a grad way since 1771. With more than 20,000 people participating n the event and over 150 groups joining in to the accompaniment of marching bands, dances, flags, floats and Irish associations—all dressed in green—this is one of the most loved among all Philadelphia events.

Spies, Traitors & Saboteurs: Fear and Freedom in America
Crafted by International Spy Museum, this exhibition will be displayed at National Constitution Center till 30th May. The exhibition uses interactive display and themed rooms to tell the story of America’s efforts in dealing with internal and external threats throughout history. It focuses on key historical events like Pearl Harbour and Oklahoma City bombing.

Sorrento Cheese 9th Street Italian Market Festival
For one weekend, the roads are closed in the centre of South Philadelphia and an open-air market springs up. This festival is the foodie’s dream come true. Along with cheese and cookware shops, the streets will be filled with a number of vendors selling a diverse range of food items specially prepared for the festival.

TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship
This is a competitive race for serious cyclists. The cyclists hurtle through the best roads of Philadelphia without taking in the beautiful scenery and 300,000 fans line the streets. The race comes after a week filled with festival and is hosted every year.

The Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia
Enjoy lovely pink blossoms of 1,000 cherry trees while feeling the vibrations from giant taiko drums. And become better at making sushi; make some amazing origami—this festival celebrates Japanese culture.

Philadelphia Science Festival
Philadelphia events are many, but none of them were focused on science. This new event focuses on science and Philadelphia’s colleges, schools scientist, and cultural institutions have joined hands to create a number of fun and interactive science programs.


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