Review of Gemini Lost

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Gemini Lost is a real time strategy simulation game similar to games like Virtual Villages and Escape from Paradise. In Gemini Lost you are in charge of a group of people who are accidentally transported to another world. During the game you need to establish your people in their new world, provide them with enough food and solve puzzles to eventually help them return home. In particular, you are collecting disks with signs of the zodiac on them, which have been scattered across your map. On the way you will interact with various other creatures who live in your new world.
Because Gemini Lost is a real time simulation, it continues running even when you aren’t playing the game (unless you pause the game).

Why Play Gemini Lost?

Gemini Lost has cute graphics, and a large map to explore. They have all kinds of cute critters on the map, like butterflies and owls, although these are mostly for display, rather than interaction. The map changes slightly over time, as you solve puzzles and new ones appear. It also has rather haunting music and the puzzles are quite varied. There are milestone trophys to collect (for example, a trophy for catching 100 fish) and potion recipes to discover, and even a couple of mini games.

Gemini Lost seems like a good first go at a game that could have a lot of potential in its next incarnation. The marriage system was cute, the magical zodiac theme was promising, and the game showed a narrative potential in the variety of puzzles to solve. Gemini Lost might be particularly good for younger players, or people who are not used to this kind of game, who would find it more challenging.

Problems with Gemini Lost

However, Gemini Lost is not a challenging game, particularly compared with other popular games of this type, like Virtual Villagers. For example, finding enough food was never a problem, as the first available food source (a pumpkin field) provided abundantly for the village with no real danger of running out, so there was no urgency over finding another food source. While the puzzles weren’t repetitive, most them were relatively straightforward. Moreover, the people who populated the world of Gemini Lost were quite bland. There was none of the quirkiness, or variety of actions found in other games of this type.
While it did have a couple of mini games, similar to Escape from Paradise, these were short and quite easy. The bug and gem collecting was fun, but again, a bit too easy to feel like a challenge.

Gemini Lost did have its moments, was fun and an experienced player could solve it quite quickly, without too many endless periods of collecting points. It is definitely worth checking out while you are waiting for the next Escape from Paradise or Virtual Villagers game, but enjoy it for what it is and don’t expect it to be as varied, or as worthy of replay.


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