Boost Your I.q. And Speed up Your Brain

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What is “I.Q. anyway? The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as “The ratio of tested mental age to chronological age, usually expressed as a quotient multiplied by 100.” To a greater extent or less, it’s a test of intelligence, with a hundred as the intermediate score. IQ examinations have some troubles nevertheless.
One IQ examination asks which of four fruits is different. It’s the one with additional seeds, only what if you weren’t acquainted with these fruits? The examination is culturally biased, since it puts on certain knowledge, nevertheless is alleged to test for intelligence, not knowledge.

Consider these letters: “ANLDEGN.” Rearrange them to spell the name of an: Ocean, Country, State, City or Animal. Examinations are clocked, so I begin with oceans, because there are few oceans, and thus I can annihilate these promptly. The trouble is that this is a examination  formula I use, and an intelligence examination shouldn’t be testing test-taking ability. I’ll score higher than an individual of equivalent intelligence who has not acquired simple formulas for scoring higher on multiple-choice tests, right?

Get Results

An imperfect examination is better than no examination, and it’s amusing. I recently accepted an IQ test, and although I do not believe my intelligence quotient is really the 138 it demonstrated, it was amusing. Of course you will score higher on a good day than a bad day. Try these angles to make it a good IQ test day:
1. Breath deep through your nose.
2. Sit up unbowed and close your mouth.
3. Drink a cupful of java, afternoon tea or a different caffeinated beverage.
4. Exercise enough to get your blood pumping swifter.
5. Eat or drink Ginkgo Biloba to increase blood flow to your brain.

By the way, what was Henry Fords IQ? Who cares! He was one of the most advanced people of the last century, and he did what he did by fencing himself with well-informed people. This exercise alone must be worth more than twenty IQ points. Do you see the point?
You require genuine  results, correct? If you desire to be more creative, acquire creative problem solving techniques. To concentrate better, learn methods for that. Acquire speed-reading and you will have threefold the knowledge in the same time. Once you paint your first Mona Lisa, build your first skyscraper or make your first million, who will worry about your IQ level?

Advancing your I.Q. May be Easier Than You believe
Avoid sugar. Any simple carbohydrates absorbed colossal amounts can afford you a dull feeling that makes it difficult to think. Insulin is plunged into your veins after the sugar is, giving you the “sugar blues.” Avoid white flour, sugar, potatoes, and other carbohydrates when you need a clear mind.
Experts can debate about whether you are able to increase your IQ in any absolute sense, but we know there are times when you’d mark higher or lower on an IQ examination, right? If you slumbered well, worked out, drank coffee and ginkgo tea, then sat up straight and breathed in as you took the examination, don’t you think you would score a few points higher? Even more significantly, wouldn’t you be better developed for whatever mental tasks you confronted? Get brighter now, and forget the arguments about intelligence quotient.


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