How to Talk With God

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The first time I ever became aware of god’s voice, I was really quite frightened. We are told to fear god as children, we are told that god is almighty and powerful, and that we would die if we were able to speak with god directly, only the great prophets were able to speak with god. I was so frightened, I thought it would be painful, and that I really did not want to die.

The most amazing thing happened. I didn’t die. It wasn’t painful. In fact, it was the most calming experience I have ever had.

What most people don’t think about, is that god is beneficent, god is kind, god is loving and nurturing and completely understands us.

God spoke to me in my own voice, but I knew that it wasn’t only me speaking.

Some people think that god only speaks through goodness, kindness, acts of faith and belonging. They are misguided. God speaks to us every day, through EVERYTHING.

The Jewish faith believes that god is everywhere, in everything. It is taught that god’s very words are what create and maintain our existence. Whether you believe this or not, it’s worth it to take some time and look into.

When you talk with god, do you hear a response? Some people might expect to hear a disembodied voice so grand and expansive that their heads practically pop off. Or some people might expect to hear that voice in a completely different tone than their own voice. I don’t know how you’re supposed to hear god. From my personal experience, god spoke in my own voice, inside my head. You know those thoughts you hear running through your brain? Well whose voice is that? Your own (or if you hear other voices, you might be listening to other spirits)

Now if god is everywhere and in everything, then god is inside of us too. We are a part of god. God created us “in the image of god” its self. If we are a sort of “extension” to god, then god should be able to talk with us.

The amazing thing that happened while I was talking with god in my mind, was the realization that god was a part of who I am, and that by listening for my own inner responses, or inner voice of reply, I was simply and effortlessly hearing god’s words. I was conversing with god. I was listening, asking questions and simply receiving replies.

If you are still having trouble understanding what I mean, visualize this: You are alone. You are sitting in your room, with your eyes closed, thinking your own private thoughts. Now see everything in the room in your mind’s eye. See everything in that room as part of your reality, your existence, including yourself. Now listen to your inner voice. Listen to your own thoughts. With eyes closed, we can still see and hear inwardly. As that ability becomes more focused, and you become more aware of the inner seeing and hearing, pay attention to what your thoughts are saying. As you listen to what your thoughts say, try a little experiment. Ask a question. What is the answer? Ask another question. What is that answer? It is important to listen and respect each answer as they arise. Now as you try this experiment, try asking a god related question, like, “god are you there?” now listen for an answer. (Most often you will feel something in your body that feels like a new and unexpected sensation. If not, that’s ok too.)

The very idea that god is a part of us, can speak to us directly is not new. Prophets from ancient times knew and understood this ability. Psychics who are able to connect to spirit and other angelic beings, understand this. If you are religious or not, atheist or agnostic, you can speak with god. You can. Everyone can. Animals and plants and organisms speak with god in their way without questioning it. Humans are not taught to talk with god directly. We are taught to pray. Prayer is another form of conversing with god. As you pray, have a conversation with god. As your lips say beautiful words, your mind can be elsewhere having a conversation that is both personal, loving and supportive with your creator.

It’s easy. Just try it. I promise you won’t go crazy, turn to stone or become a zombie.



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