Belive in Yourself And Succeed

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Believe and Succeed
Life has different shapes. These shapes acquaint us with different troubles from time to time. Occasionally life’s blockages are minor and occasionally they are so bulky, that you cease along the way. Looking and thinking about the obstacles of such magnitude, you begin conceiving that they are too big.
At this point in our lifetime, why not ask yourself few questions about the way you believe? What if an individual tells you- trust in yourself, trust in your abilities?

Your beliefs
The focus is on belief. What do you believe about your capabilities? Do we believe that we can defeat any road block? Do you conceive that you have the strength? Do you have strong faith in your determination? Do you understand how to think and find the right itinerary? Do you understand how to pray and ask for resolutions? Do you think that you can succeed? These are the enquiries that you should ask yourselves.
What is belief and how does it help you come through?

Belief, a precise firm belief in your ability affords you the will power and the supportive mindset that helps you work answers to every road block you could have. If you trust that you will be able to find the resolution, you will be happy to act upon  it. If you doubt your ability, then you have already lost the war. Belief is a very hard medicine and it behaves in extraordinary ways. Believe that you will be able to find out all solutions. Believe that you will overcome all difficulties. Believe that you will come forth flourishing. Believe that you are a winner. Believe that you merit success. Believe that you have the psychological and physical strength to crusade against all the odds. Believe. There can be no bigger magic than belief.


We all desire to be successful and yet for some reason we appear to be losing the target. In this article we’ll demonstrate to you how to become more prosperous in all of your endeavors.
Success often escapes many people. Like the inevitable pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, people adjust their affections on following their dreams only to awaken defeated.

Crashing desires can be destructive to people. They sit and question what on earth they did wrong. They may have a strong belief in that pot of gold, but a dream exclusively cannot make your visions a reality.
You may have read a countless number of books and abided by all the rules and imagined yourself as the successful person that you want to be. Your vision may be crystal clear and that is a good thing. The Bible says, “Without a vision the people perish”. The problem remains that envisioning yourself as successful is not enough.

What are your dreams?

What are you desires for the future?

Have you ever written them down?

If you could be anything that you desired to be and go where you desired to go, who would you be? What would you be like? Where would you be living?

I want you to take a a couple of seconds now and write down the answer to these questions. Be as particular as you can so you can envision these things as being true today. Illuminate these ideals in your mind.
Don’t cheat here, this is an essential exercise, now go and write the answers down on a sheet of paper, or better yet in a book. You can call this your Dream Book to Success.
Immediately ask yourself this question: What do I need to do in order to live the life I dream of?

What do I need to do to make my dreams a reality?
The first step is to be sure you do not put off the vision too far in the distance. Don’t live on tomorrow’s sunshine. At the same time, don’t expect to have a change overnight. There is no magic trick  that is going to bring about your dream. There is no easy road that will take you to the Emerald City.

An indivuidual once said “the road to success is filled with hard knocks” and this is reality.
You are able to accomplish your dreams only if you systematically prepare yourself to experience them. You also must believe that you CAN experience them.
Henry Ford said, “If you think you can you can, and if you think you can’t, you can’t”
If you trust that you can achieve your aspirations then it’s time for you to begin planning on how you’re going to construct your ambitions of success come true. Don’t allow fearfulness to sabotage your believing. If you have faith, you can move mountains! Occasionally though a mountain must be moved a piece at a time.

This acquires preparation. No sum of hopeful thinking will get you what you want. Your sight might be crystal clear but without a blueprint it’s just a dream. You need to design your life in order to gain the affects you desire.
It is necassery set destinations for yourself. I acknowledge that you detest the idea of setting goals, but unless you put it down in piece of writing and give it a date, it will not materialize. I can guaranty it.
Do you envision yourself as slender and sitting down on a beach someplace? Well if you want to slim down, dreaming Is not going to make it happen. You must write down your goal for slimming down.
In order for my aspiration to come true I must lose __________ pounds. This constitutes a good start. Now envision yourself standing in front of a mirror weighing your ideal weight. Doesn’t that feel right?

This is your target, your aspiration, your vision. Now ask yourself, in order to reach that destination, what steps do I need to take now? Is it reasonable to say to yourself that you could lose ten pounds a calendar month? Too much? How about four pounds a month? Can you make a decision to yourself to lose 1 pound a calendar week. In a year that would be fifty-two pounds! If you lost two pounds a week that would be 104 pounds! See how much you can do by breaking your goals down to bite size pieces. Your mountain can literally be moved piece by piece, or pound by pound in this case. Voila! Success!
There is nothing mystical in making your dreams a success. In every situation you can do it piece by piece until your mountain is moved and you achieve Success.


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