Why You Should Set Goals

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Why you should set goals:

A darting moment can alter your life story.
Christopher Reeves had everything going for him – fame, fortune and best of all a loving wife and son. Enjoying his preferred sport, he fell off his horse. In a blink of an eye, his whole life altered! He is not alone.

In a second, all ambitions can be annulled.
A young gentleman, full of hope gets into a heavy-duty accident. It left him physically handicapped. With a new family and the first baby en route, how does he feel?

There are those who take a severe stroke which leave them with physical handicap and rob them of their mobility. They suffer the departure of their independence. A few brave out the loss of speech for the rest of their lives. There goes most of their ambitions. Life will never be the same.

Some bear intense financial loss and see everything they worked for taken away from them and there is nothing they can do.
Imagine  the victims of the tsunami and Katrina. Numerous people are fashioning an attempt to reconstruct their lives – only will it ever be the same?

On the sunny side of a victorious instant – a big-time win from the lottery or gambling table spells a great modification in one’s life. These winners experience a major change in their lives.

There is an upside. There are some fortunate ones who find streangth in their illness and handicaps, major financial blows, catastrophes and crimes of violence. Amidst the dark hours and pain, they work their way to obtain a new meaning in their lives. With bravery, perseveration and a strong spirit, they win their struggles. They become pillars in their communities.

Christopher Reeves spent the rest of his years as a quadriplegic to champion the cause of spinal cord injury. His disability never stopped him.

An illness, an accident, natural disasters, financial loss, crime, violence and a departure of a beloved, a windfall, an unforeseen career change or opportunity are truths of our existence.
Many of us think it will not happen to us, but it can. Live for now. No one knows what tomorrow brings.

More on Goals:

I was speaking to an acquaintance of mine this morning about her financial goals for the year. After listening to her for a couple of seconds, I disrupted to ask how she felt about those goals.

There was a long pause. Eventually, I asked if I could bestow my thoughts about goals – why I don’t set them for myself, and why I think they are frightfully limiting and frustrating.
By the end of the call, she was in tears, and I nearly was. I had been in the right place at the right time for her, and had assisted her see a brand-new way of approaching her business, her customers, and her whole life – a way that felt chilling, but spacious and even inspiring in manners that conventional goal-setting just can not accomplish.

Are you ready to try something new? Here’s what I shared with her; I hope it will be as inspiring to you.

Goals are like Boxes:

When you were a child, it was entertaining to play in big packing boxes. But squeezing your life into one is a very different feeling. And that’s what goals do.

I’ve noticed over and over again, with myself and with customers, that setting goals creates restrictions – and panic! Once a goal is set, you instantly start thinking about it; you can’t stop thinking about it. Everything you do is focused on achieving the goal. My friend saw all her potential clients as walking dollar signs- not very comfortable for her or for them!

“How will I meet my goal? What happens if I don’t succeed? Will everyone think I’m a failure?” Then, as my friend commented this morning, there’s always the “Oh, I didn’t really mean that” thing that happens when a goal starts to feel unapproachable.
On the other hand, when you eventually reach your goal you think, “Ahhh… I accomplished it. Now I can loosen up.” And you put your feet up and take a deep breath. Whether you do this literally or figuratively, you’ve stopped. What astonishing things would happen if you kept going? You’ll never know.
An Invitation to Be

So I asked my friend, “Who would you be if you weren’t so centered on financial goals?”
There was another long silence, but this one was full of electrical energy – I could almost see the exclamation point* flying in her thoughts. At last, she said, “I do not know!”
“I’ve asked myself that question before,” she added, “but it’s always been what would I do. I never thought of asking who I would be.”

When you begin with a purpose to be something extraordinary, to be more of who you really are, the goals you might have set are null compared to what you’ll actually receive, achieve, and experience. Just as I’ve seen people box themselves in with goals, I’ve seen them set themselves free with a purpose to be.
The more powerfully you set the intention, the better. Set an intention that stretches you, that forces you out of your habits that make you feel anxious and insecure. Set your purpose with dedication and substance, even when it scares you.

I know an individual who was always generous. Immensely charitable of spirit and in action, she felt threatened and vulnerable in receiving. When she set an intention to be someone who receives as well as contributing, she knew it would be difficult. What she didn’t know was how surprisingly rewarding it would be. She experienced gifts of friendship, service, joy, peace, and love that has altered her life eternally, in ways she could not have conceived of.
And all she did was set the intention – and then she noticed whether she was being in conjunction with that intent.
What will you be?


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