Speak Positive Words To Be Successful

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when you consider the fact that our words determine the very course of our lives. I grew up hearing a lie. That lie was,” Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Maybe you heard that before to. And maybe, you thought that this saying was a good thing to believe and repeat to your children. But this quote, regardless of how innocent it appears, is deceptive.

It is not true that words can never hurt you. Words can kill you. Words can destroy you. Words can bring you down. Words can literally destroy your true purpose and potential. And words can destroy the true purpose and potential of others who may be spoken to in a negative light, all the time. Job said that words can break a person in pieces. The essence of what comes out of our mouths on a daily basis is what is determining the actual results we are experiencing all the time. If things are not working in your favor, check your words.

The Bible teaches that the power of death, destruction and misery, as well as the power of life, peace, vitality and success is in the authority of the tongue. We cannot escape the effect of our own words upon our minds, spirits and lives. And this is compounded by the words of others who we allow to speak into our lives as well. What we need to ask ourselves is, what are we saying continually, and what are we hearing continually.

It is a proven fact that we will never rise beyond the level of our confessions. If we speak negatively all the time, we will experience negative results all the time. Our constant negative speaking will produce within us negative expectations, which shall result in negative patterns of behaviors and negative results in our relationships, situations and circumstances.

However, if our words are constantly positive, we will produce within ourselves positive and confident expectations of good things, which shall result in positive behaviors which produces positive and worthwhile results. Our words matter.

Seeing that death and life are in the authority of the words which we speak, should we not ponder carefully what comes out of our mouths on an on-going basis, eliminating the negative, and embracing the positive? After all, we are in the drivers seat. Our words are just that, our words. Granted that we may have been influenced by this person or the next, the truth of the matter is that we decide what we will accept and what we will reject. Wow. This means that we really are in the drivers seat.

If you desire true success, you must learn that the number one key to becoming a real victorious person is to take one hundred percent responsibility for your life and decisions. So again I state that your words are just that, your words.

For this rest of this week, watch every word that you allow to come out of your mouth. Ponder them carefully. Look at your speaking patterns. If you discover that they are constantly negative, then work on changing them. But what is the first step to changing my words from negativity, to positivity, you ask? You just took that step when you read this article. Now read it again. Then second and third step are in here as well.



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