Making Money Posting Links to Your Articles. Option # 3: Infopirate

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It would be great if you could bookmark your articles for free and actually earn revenue when someone clicks advertisement on the bookmark page. Another plus point is the higher Google Rank which you will get because of back-links from Good PR (Page Rank) website. This is delightful. The best thing is that you get more visitors and your articles get more exposure. I  have already written two articles on

What is Infopirate?

Infopirate is a wonderful website which allows the members “the pirates” (hmmmm) to write short summaries and link back to the original article/blog/website. The website also has a revenue sharing program which helps the pirates to add a little cash and “treasure” to their adsense paycheck.

Infopirate community:
Infopirate has an interesting terminology which can be described in the following way

  • The bookmark you write is known as “the logbook”
  • Infopirate also gives you a blog page where you can create blog posts and earn money from these posts as well. (blog entry)

  • The links that are mentioned in your bookmark represents the “captured ship”
  • “the pirates treasure” are the bookmarks (logbook) and the blog entries you make on your blog

How to earn money with Infopirate (AdSense and Referrals):

  • You can submit both bookmarks(logbook) or post on your blog (blog entry)

  • The bookmark should not contain a complete article. Just a portion of an article with the source and the link is enough. The bookmark should be original and you cannot just post few lines from the original article.

  • Mention a little about yourself in the bookmark or (logbook) or the blog entry.

  • Label (tag) the photographs, the videos, the articles and the Web sites and all your treasures.

  • Add other pirates in your list of Buddy

  • Infopirate also has a referral program. You can earn 10% of the income the people you refer earn. 

  • You get 80% of the bookmark (treasure/logbook) impressions (which is good)

Rules and Regulations:

  • No porno content and no discriminating content.

  • No multiple accounts

  • The captain (CEO of Infopirate) can always change and remove treasures (articles) without notice

  • Your bookmarks and blog entries (treasure) remain on the website even when you leave the Infopirate community. You can contact the captain and have them removed.

Something interesting about Infopirate:
There is something of a story at Infopirate that Pirates (of Info pirate) and Squids (from Squidoo) are long term enemies. I have not really understood the concept.I would if someone clarifies it.

Infopirate: a conclusion:

I think everyone should try Infopirate. The good thing is even if you do not make much revenue with AdSense, the back-links are itself enough for better earning and search engine optimization.

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