The Do's of Teaching

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                It is really peculiar how the education system has become totally flawed. The reason, apart from lack of good teachers and not to forget ambitious blokes, is the deficiency of a proper education system. The students are not properly tested at any particular stage. They are simply ‘allowed’ to make a jump to the next level without giving an eye to their performances in their previous standards. The fact whether the lad has become an adroit student in a particular subject or not, is overlooked many times. Working on the homework imparted and completing the lessons that have been allotted by the teachers have become a thing of prime importance to the students which they reluctantly perform in a blind fashion while at the end of the day they hardly learn a thing.

                It is badly needed for a teacher to make every little thing of knowledge a practical experience for a student. The interest of a student should be aroused by the use of pragmatic examples. There should be a lot of activities that should directly enhance the skills of the student thus enabling a student to have a broader perspective and a proper understanding of the things in the physical word. Extra care should be given to each particular lad so that he finishes off whatever job is assigned to him by the teachers thus inculcating and flourishing innovative behaviour in them. Weak students should be given extra attention. A proper thorough realistic approach should be followed making teaching and learning equally fun. Humour should be given precedence. A child should be allowed to speak boldly and frankly. Care should be given to those who are meek and are affected by inferiority complex. Students should be cheered up every now and then. Natural pluck comes installed in them; all they need is a boost from the people they have faith in. They resort to their teachers for the same. Children need to be encouraged. These little things should be kept in mind while training a student to understand the complexities of life and their moral should be pumped up accordingly.


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