The Green Smartphones Concept

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Many new companies have entered in the cell phone market and they are providing cutthroat competition to giant players like Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Now both these players are taking the green initiatives with the introduction of green smardtphones.


These latest eco-friendly smartphones include Nokia E72, Nokia E55, Nokia E52, Nokia 6730 Classic, Nokia 6720 Classic, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia XpressMusic, and Nokia 5630. These smartphones come with “Eco-minded” wallpapers, maps for way optimization, pedestrian navigation, environment friendly tutorials and tips, and Ovi store that house eco-friendly content and services. In addition, these phones have facilities like “Power Save” mode, high- efficiency chargers, ambient light sensor, and unplug charger reminder.

Green Explorer is amongst services available on the Ovi store. Green Explore has made collaboration with organizations like UNESCO, World Heritage Centre and WWF. Green Explorer brings largest depository of green locations around the world to assist you, and to plan your tours.

Now the Nokia phone chargers are available in four different variants –Compact Travel Charger AC-15, Nokia High competence Charger AC-8, Nokia High competence Charger AC-10, and Nokia Charger through USB port CA-101. Nokia High competence Charger AC-10 offers proficient microUSB charging. USB port CA-101 is the perfect charger for charging compatible phones using your computer or laptop.

The devices are 80 percent eco-friendly and recyclable. The packaging material of the phones is around 60-100 percent recyclable, using 50-60 percent of used material. In addition, these phones come with smaller packaging, so they require fewer materials.

Phone recycling is another popular green program of Nokia. Nokia has appointed more than 5,000 recycling points across India, in which you may drop your full handset pack, including the main device, charger, and battery into recycle bin. Just make sure that the phone should not have any personal data, memory cards or SIM cards before you drop it. Nokia has also collaborated with three NGOs – The Rotary Bangalore Midtown in Bangalore, Ahimsa in Tamil Nadu, and Art of Living Foundation’s World Alliance for Youth Empowerment (WAYE) in Mathura, for planting one tree for every recycled phone.


Sony Ericsson has introduced a new series of eco-friendly phones called ‘GreenHeart series’. These phones are specially made from the recycled CDs and water bottles. The EP300 GreenHeart charger has Energy Star lever V ratings, which help you to use the electricity cost-effectively as its power custom is condensed to 0.03 W during the standby mode.

The green request in all these phones contains the Carbon Footprint Calculator. This Calculator checks CO2 emitted every day. The Ecomate application is one kind of environment safety quiz. Other applications like the green calculator named ‘Eco App’ and Walk Mate eco application are also used.


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