How to Make Your Woman Feel Special on Occasions

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Here are 10 ideas to make special occasions even more special for her.

1. Wake Her Up With ‘Love’.

This idea may not work for some guys as some women do not like to be woken up sexually, but on the other hand some woman will love the morning surprise! Start your day off right by putting all the pleasure on her as soon as she opens her eyes.

2. Wake Her Up With Her Favorite Breakfast.

If you can’t wake her up with ‘love’ then try this classic move, and if you can get away with both – well that’s even better. Her favorite breakfast will make her happy, and the fact that you know what it is will make her feel good.

3. Surprise Her With Things That Will Make Her Happy – All Day Long!

If you can book her favorite hotel for the night then do it. Or maybe you want to take her to her favorite restaurant. Treat her to her favorite things for the day no matter what category they are in and you will be rewarded with a happy woman.

4. Keep Her Laughing.

Sometimes special occasions can turn into stressful days. Keep her positive and laughing and she will appreciate you for being the one who can make her happy.

5. Buy Her Flowers and Her Favorite Chocolates.

Women do like flowers and chocolate, and every woman has a different kind they prefer. Get her favorite flowers for her in a bouquet and surprise her with them and the chocolates. She will love them!

6. Set The Mood.

If your day and night are supposed to be romantic then set the mood. Candlelight dinner, flowers on the bed, sexy music playing, and aromatherapy will all set a mood different from your normal everyday atmosphere. Use what she likes and make it as romantic as possible.

7. Get Rid of The Phone, TV, and Computer.

This probably should be number one on the list as it really makes the day about the two of you and gives you a break from the outside world. Even if you go out you will still feel like you are in your own little world. This will do wonders for your relationship and your sense of living in the moment.

8. Give Her Something to Remember The Day By.

You know how that certain object reminds you of that certain day? Well, do that for her and buy her something that will remind her of the special day for a long time to come. She will appreciate it on the day and every day after. Of course it should be something that doesn’t perish. Maybe give her a picture, jewelery, or a little trinket portraying the day. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or cheap as long as it will represent your day.

9. Let Her Know Why You Appreciate Her.

You know how women want you to open up to them all the time? Well, take this day to really open up and let her know how you feel about her and the relationship. It will mean the world to hear an honest and heartfelt list from you, and she will feel great about herself and your relationship when you are done. Just be prepared to answer any questions she has after you start talking. If you are going to open up then stay open for a while!

10. Lots of Hugs and Kisses

Sex is nice, but we tend to make our special moments all about sex. Being close to someone is more than just sex. It’s about touching, holding hands, hugging, cuddling and kissing. No one else gets to share that kind of closeness with her and it can really strengthen your relationship when you take the time to just be that close.



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