Money Saving Ideas For Weddings

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I am planning my wedding and have realized just how expensive they are. I knew there had to be ways to save money with out making it look cheap. Here are some ideas that I have used and not only look expensive, have saved me almost half of what the budgeted amounts were! The first one is to make your own invitaions. While looking around for mine, I realized quickly that most places wanted close to $200 for what I was looking for (pocket invites w/the response card, directions, invite, and other cards that would be needed) While they looked amazing, I knew that I could save money by makeing them myself. I went to a craft store looking to buy all the supplies needed, but found the perfect invites. We also had a 40% off coupon, so we were able to get all the invites we would need for less than $50! Not a bad deal. Now, we just have to print the at home and have saved a little over $100 (after we buy the ink that we will need).
The next way that I have found to save big bucks was to make my own ring pillows. I have two ring bearers and was finding that most ring pillows were around $30-50 bucks. That was way to much in my mind! So, I am making ours. For my ring, I have a piece of 5×5 floral foam and have taken silk flowers and ribbons and have made it. I wrapped the ribbon around the foam first (a 1.5 inch thick ribbon) and then added the flowers around that. Once that was completed, I added a thinner ribbion (.5 inch thick) on top to put my rings on. For my fiance, I am taking two pieces of fabric (both a little more then 5×5) and am sewing them togehter. I am leaving a small opening on one side, stuffing filler in, and then sewing it up the rest of the way. I have added the same ribbon holding my rings to my pillow to his to hold his.
I have lots more projects and ideas in mind. I will be posting more as I get them done. Hope everyone enjoys!!


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