Few Facts on Libra Characteristics

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That is why this zodiac is represented by a pair of scales which speaks volumes about his personality for it is the only zodiac bearing the symbol of an inanimate object.

Librans cannot perform to the best of their abilities unless they are teamed up with others. They are not loners and don’t like to stay alone. They try to avoid conflict and be fair, and there fore they are a constant delight to those who pair up with them. His keen sense of aesthetics makes him a lover of beauty, haute couture and expensive gifts as well as intellectual conversations.

Under the influence of the element air, a Libran always hankers for an ideal. Newton’s third law- “to every action there is an equal an opposite reaction” – is the motto that guides the life of a Libran.

Positive Side of Libra Character

Librans are famous for being peace-loving, idealistic, sociable, easygoing, charming, romantic, soft-hearted, urbane and diplomatic. Librans make the best organizers and the best masterminds behind strategies. They can be always counted on to make peace and douse conflicts between team members because their sense of unprejudiced justice and fair play is acutely strong.

They are curious by nature and knowing little tit-bits of information about people around them satisfies their curiosity. Some other positive traits of a Libran are love for art, neatness, desire for popularity, attention to detail, love for public service and charity, dressing up for occasions and planning ahead of time.

He is also a bit of a perfectionist. People are easily attracted to them through their irresistibly charming and gently affectionate nature. They are warm, jovial, energetic, gregarious, polite to everybody and lovable. They are lovers of good food, good wine and living in style – epicureans par excellence.

Negative Side of Libra Character

But on the flip side they are notoriously flirtatious, gullible, soft, self indulgent, easily influenced, changeable and indecisive. Librans are supposed to have a wavering personality because they try to evaluate a situation from all angles before coming to a fair final decision that is best for all.

Boredom makes them lethargic and others have to take the initiative to refresh and pep them up. Although Librans make excellent team members, they are lacking in leadership qualities. He can be at times imperious and narcissistic. Their craving for romance brings about their ruin. Their heads are ruled by their hearts. Librans enjoy the reputation of being indolent and they have mastered the art of procrastination.

A Libran puts down his pathologically idle nature to his epicurean tastes. A Libran woman often makes a pretty lazy homemaker and mother, who chooses to rely on an army of domestic helps.


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