Postpartum Psychosis

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“Pregnancy is a dream of every woman. The feeling of a baby inside her womb is above all the happiness in this world. But there are some things that need to be kept in mind by all the family members. The mother is as important a a a new born baby is. She should be taken care of before and after pregnancy. Yesterday, when I visited my gynecologist, she told me an incident of a mother killing her new born baby. I was shocked to listen about it. Immediately my mind filled with a lot of questions. What forced a mother to kill her new born? I asked the reason from the doctor. She told me that this is a mental condition that occurs in new mothers after their child is born. I decided writing about it. This condition is known as “Postpartum Psychosis”. Postpartum Psychosis is a disorder in which the person looses touch with reality. It is usually caused by brain chemical infirmity kicked off by hormonal changes after pregnancy. This condition begins in the first six weeks after delivery. Although this disorder is found rarely but should never be overlooked. Women who have a family history o psychosis, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia have a greater chance of developing this disorder. Some of the causes of this disorder include: # A low self-esteem due to a woman’s Postpartum appearance. # A lack of social and emotional support. # Feeling inadequate as a mother. # Feeling isolated and alone. # Having financial problems and undergoing major life change. In this case the mother needs care and support of her partner and family members.Family members can look for the following symptoms of Postpartum Psychosis in the mother: # Mother seems disconnected from her new born kid. # She sometimes acts suicidal and constantly injures herself. # Extreme feeling of anxiety and agitation. # Insomnia. # Mother may become aggressive, unsettled followed by violent behavior. # Thoughts of harming and killing the baby. # Lack of appetite. # Frantic energy. # Mother can also set her to a belief that her baby is evil. # Embarrassment about motherhood and unhappiness about the idea of being a mother. It is very important to recognize the symptoms and consult a psychiatrist. First way to come out of this condition is talking to your partner. Do not get terrified with this feeling, rather confront it. As it is matter of you and your kid’s life. Share this feeling with your partner and your family.  Good luck to all mothers!”


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