Getting Viewers, Seo And How To Do It

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First of all, there’s the obvious: SEO techniques that, if done correctly with a good topic, can drive your article to the top of search engines’ listings.

Everyone else is interested in teaching you how SEO works and how to use them, but you can read that there. I’m going to talk about something different, and that is how to SPOT SEO potential.

The more popular search engines have things and fail-safes in place that prevent super SEO from carrying a topic too far, especially if it’s not as relevant anymore (Google and Yahoo’s are famous for this).

But it cannot stop people from searching for what they want still, and with things changing all the time, here’s how you can bypass that.

Google Trends is a great way to check out certain keywords and seeing if they are jumping up in search count. Try it out. When you find a potential word or phrase that is of interest to the population (or trending), then figure out how to incorporate it into your next article, or better yet, base an article around it if possible.

The same thing works with many similar items that show you what people are interested in right now. Many social networking sites, simply by glancing at a few pages will tell you what people are talking about. An experienced person can then from that write something that can parallel it, or even better, predict what will be talked about in the future (since it takes a few days for articles to be published).

After that, when your article is published, go back to those same sites and if possible, post your article. They will read it (it’s relevant) and maybe even get it posted onto the front site or sticky’d. All of these techniques will get you more readers.

Of course, you could always somehow get notorious groups like 4chan to do a search engine bomb for your article or topic, but that’s not something anybody could accomplish for every article. However, if you do succeed, please donate 10$ to me for the idea since a successful 4chan search engine bomb will net you thousands, if not millions, of viewers in a few days.

Feel free to ask specific questions or email me, and I will do my best to respond.


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