Our Law Courts And The New Creation of 21St Century

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Our law courts and the new creation of 21st century

You would agree that our Indian courts take ages to give a verdict on a case. Why do our legal cases do keep going on and on? Well, I have no answer at all. You may like to consult one of our famous lawyers.

Whatever the reason, it is accepted that our judicial process is a terrible slow coach.

Remember the famous verdict of King Solomon some 3000 years back? The King had taken less then five minutes to identify the real mother out of the two who had claimed one baby.

Supposing the same case had come in our modern Indian court. What would be the Defence plea? “My Lord, this child doesn’t belong to either of the two women. It was collected from the dust bin.” And he would produce three witnesses to assert that the baby was indeed picked up from the road side. I wonder how Solomon would have solved the issue. But the Indian judge would have asked the prosecution to get the figure of all abandoned babies lodged in all the orphanages in the previous six months. The case would have been adjourned by two years to enable the prosecution collect all the data.

After a series of inevitable adjournments, the baby grows to be a girl of six, later a teenager and in course of time a maiden of 20 with a degree in Arts. Our orphanages do look after their inmates well and give them good education too. Well done, orphanages. The Indian Public laud you heartily.

Now back to the orphan girl. One fine morning, both the claimants reject the girl baby. “No Lord, I don’t want the baby. Please give it to her.” And the other too said the same line. Until then they hadn’t realized the gravity of having a marriageable young woman in the family.

It’s a big problem in India, friend. How to arrange for dowry and jewellery and all that. ”No, no baba. I don’t want a girl child.”

The confused judge would have sent the girl to another orphanage.

Shall we consider another hypothetical case? God had decided to start a new generation of human beings having written off the earlier one as worthless. He followed the same method, of producing Adam from the dust and Eve from one of Adam’s bones. He had given them the same command not to eat the fruit of the tree in the centre of garden of Eden but enjoy life eating all the other fruits in Eden.

When God knew that the human couple had disobeyed His command and repeated the same crime, He sent His archangel Gabriel to investigate the case and report to Him back within two hours.

The first Adam and Eve had admitted their crime. That’s something great, isn’t it? But the 21st century Eve didn’t. “Archangel Sir,” she started her defence statement. “It happened like this. I was just holding the apple in my hand; Satan came, bit a piece and put it in my mouth. Mr. Satan did the same thing with Adam also.” Then both of them cried out in unison, “We didn’t eat the fruit by our own choice, Sir.”

The Archangel knew that both were lying. But then He had to go by the “evidence” presented in the court. Turning to Satan, Gabriel asked why he did such a thing. “No, no Mr. Archangel,” Satan drawled. “The truth is: Eve was holding the apple from the forbidden tree thinking, ‘To eat or Not to eat. To eat or not to eat…’ and she kept singing this refrain the whole day, Sir. I got a little tired of listening and waiting and told Eve firmly. ‘Look here my girl. Why don’t you make up your mind?. If you don’t like this apple, why don’t you throw it away? That’s the time Sir, a crow appeared, cut a small piece with his beaks and thrust it in Eve’s mouth. And she thinks that I had put the piece in her mouth.”

Nearly two hours had elapsed in the above proceedings. The Archangel was completely baffled. He didn’t know what to do. Looking at his watch he suddenly remembered that he had another engagement in Heaven. So, he quickly adjourned the case without specifying the date of next hearing and passed on the issue to the Creator God for necessary advice.

“What happened then?” you ask? Well, friend, you have to direct your question to the Court registrar. On insistence, the registrar said, “There are 35 million pending cases in various courts in India now. It will take the courts 239 years to dispose them off at the present speed of clearing. The Adam and Eve case will be taken up only after that.


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