How to Experience The World And Stay Safe

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If you pass the driving test and get a new license for the sense of freedom is difficult. This is the sense of freedom and adventure when you run the home surveillance abroad. If you is a short trip or a long trip across the continent, are abroad, take the opportunity, experience a new country in a unique way. To see the sites, you can stop whenever you want, you can more things with the most important, can a friend along for a ride.
Although that go abroad can be a fantastic experience, and you open the lovers, has to consider a lot before. First, you need to know the law and the country you want to travel in the technology. It is also good to try to understand local practices and customs so that you don’t need to learn how much an unexpected shoulder!
Driver’s license and insurance

If you have a license, were able to drive in the UK in the other Member States of the European Union. Age ride UK is at the age of 17, but drive, so it is important to check before you go at least in the different Member States vary.
If in the country outside the EU, it is recommended that you can get an international driver’s license. IDP is a document that translated into many languages, the driving licence so that the authorities the content of the rights of all without the hassle of managing of quickly can interpret. Internally displaced persons from the post office and cancer, and one of the age of 18 can apply.
Before driving abroad, it is important to check the insurance of the country you wish to travel to the required type. A European law of the State of insurance, of course apply in each country to the rest of the European Union. Recommended to a green card to get outside the EU. The green card system is an internationally recognized certificate, keep the insurance in the minimum requirements for third-party, i.e., cover the run abroad. The card itself, but the insurance, but simply evidence of the other drivers and officials that the insured person charged, if necessary.
You can with you in the car

If you are fluent in the language of the country, the signs go to a good idea to make a dictionary with you so that you can translate and ask for help. If you are planning more travel distances target can be a viable investment sat nav you the cards, and almost any place, that is to say, easy and for regardless of the instructions, lost, avoid where you are in the world of software.
If you in taken should have the authorities a driving license, passport, insurance and even to prove; Make sure that you are with you at any time. It is also good to take these documents with you to give you copies of which may have, such as a car rental company.
Directions to the Customs and laws

Driving it is important to know what are the roads, such as the location for our visit so that you better laws and customs of the nation, which depends on nation, idea of what you expect. Here are some tips, some of the popular destinations:

Thailand must be at least 18 years old to drive a motorcycle at the age of 15, but may be. Directions to the Thai cities can be rather difficult because the movement is incredibly busy and roads often daily change. Normal Street could for example is a course bus overnight without previous warnings.
In rural areas can drive quite dangerous, especially at night, with very few street lights and many drivers driving without headlights be. The drink driving illegally in Thailand, is rare although unfortunately it, especially in the cities and towns outside. Before the measurement of the fabric of their own it in Thailand, it is recommended that you to ride as a passenger to the local driver to the get a better idea of which, as the document on the streets.

Driving customs vary from each African country, however, have some common driving tips for the entire continent.

Night in parts of Africa drive can extremely dangerous as theft, unfortunately, road and Ambushings civil unrest are common, particularly in the areas.

Road maintenance level can be quite weak, especially in rural areas,


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