High Demand Nasty Job That Makes You a Better Living

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You Will Get Pay for This if You Can Do It’

Dealing with Garbage – A Garbage Truck Driver

Do you feel nothing but smelling bad when you are driving behind or around a garbage truck?  This could be a job for you.  Garbage management company always hire people who could drive around the city to pick up garbage and drop the garbage off at the landfill.  In Salt Lake City, Utah, a full time garbage truck driver got pay around $10-$18 an hour plus overtime if you wish to work more, but even with that good pay, people are still discouraged by the smell of garbage and this is why they still need people to do the nasty work!

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Dealing with Fossil Fuel – A Diesel Engineering Mechanic

If you do not mind to get your hand dirty with oil, being a diesel engineering mechanic would make you pretty good money.  As a diesel engineering mechanic, you would mostly get paid starting from $23 – $25 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  However, this work discouraged most people because it takes lots of schooling and tests to get you certified to do this work.  But it will pay you off later after you have completed the school and licensed because this job has a high demand.

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Dealing with Disability and Patient – Being a Certified Nursing Assistant

That is always high demand for nurse work, because not too many people want to deal with disease and human fluid.  By being a CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant, you have a change of getting better paid but having a bigger risk to get sick because of the work.

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