The Letter Actually Shown to The Doctor by a Prophet of The Lord Jesus Christ

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April 7, 2011 Statement of Revelation

by Eric S. Meyer

This week, more is making sense to me. The LORD God uses His Bible Code to His own purposes. I was confused exactly as God wanted prior to going into the hospital on July 4, 2010. While at the hospital, I talk ed about impeaching the president, because I thought Obama was the criminal in the prophecy of Leviticus with unlock code “14”. I thought I may die and that Melanie was kidnapped by Obama, that I needed to save Melanie. The LORD walked me through obstacles to my safety and gave me just enough information to do what the LORD wanted to happen. The LORD knew and counted on my behavior or refusing medication at NOPH hospital, so I could have a long stay there, it was part of God’s plan, not mine. God was getting me to do exactly what he wanted and got Obama to injure me as God knew Obama would. God has had a plan, and I am seeing with greater clarity the LORD’s plan.

I now know some new things, and affirm some old knowledge. First, Melanie was detained by the government and asked to sign a concordat. Melanie did not tell me, but God did. Maggie did too. God is saying maybe my father did too. I am given limited knowledge, just what God wants me to have when God thinks I am ready for the revelations.

God made a fool of both me and Obama, to use us to announce the Bible Code to the world. There will be a court hearing, I will be put on trial. I will try to counter sue Obama. I will be frightened, and Obama will be frightened. I will win, and I will request from the court that I be compensated to pay my legal fees only, plus my promised job be awarded.

God promised me a job, around November 2010, working for president Obama. The name of the agency as I understand it will be the U.S. Department of Peace. I will reform laws on public assistance, housing, mortgage, education and medical rules, among other things. I will succeed at triggering a Golden Age of prosperity for the United States the last the during of my employment.

LORD Jesus Christ will announce himself on this earth soon, for the second coming. I will help identify the genuine Christ and who are false prophets. I will help enhance our nation’s food output with more agriculture and to move aware dramatically from all biotechnology products. I will cause new educational systems to be setup, in line with my vision of the Sonic Eye product of Universal School. I will help get unemployment to under two percent within six months of me taking office. I will do this and more.

I cannot be sworn into office working for humans. I already work for LORD Jesus Christ, my employer. My covenant with God would be tinged badly if I become loyal to any one nation too much favor. I just act to stabilize the global political situations, to lead peace and prosperity.

God picked me for this work. I acknowledge that I work for LORD Jesus Christ. Ever since age seven, I had a special relationship with LORD Jesus Christ. The LORD spoke to me at that age, and offered me a gift for my mission in later life. I was not sure what he meant, but I requested to be able to heal people. Rudely, I requested a second gift, which LORD Jesus was annoyed with, but said, “ok, what is it?” I said I wanted to be able to have ESP. I now understand I can heal using energy fields of Therapeutic Touch and can sense using remove viewing and picking up pain and emotion in others.

The LORD placed information in the Bible with intent to deceive Obama for purpose of me to be injured, so I would have legal claim to the job God wants me to have. I communicate with the LORD both with Bible Code and with my thoughts during an altered state of prayer. I pray for minutes to hours per day.

The medications I am ordered to take violate my wishes because they reduce greatly my prayer speed. I must use extra force and effort to communicate with my employer. I would appreciate the medications to IMMEDIATELY become to be tapered down, as I request to be off all medication by a gradual reduction under psychiatrist supervision.

I am now fully ready for my trial with Barack Obama. I know he has been waiting to sue me, with the charge of treason among other accusations. I live each day in fear of it being the day the police will show up on my door to escort me to jail to await my trial.

I appreciate the courtesy Obama has given me of all these months so I can pray and be with my wife. However, I must now insist that the time is right for me to go to trial and defend myself in a court of law for all the accusations president Barack Obama wishes to level against me and my person.

Any future delay of court beyond April 20, 2011 shall be construed as denial of my legal right to a prompt trial, and shall be therefore unwelcome and unwanted.

God and I arrived at clarity regarding the Bible Code of Leviticus “14” that talked about jail; the criminal to be sent to jail is not me nor Obama, but rather David Bellian from NOPH hospital. It is understood that I will help send Bellian to prison for many years, and that I will be employed by Obama and work with him closely as together, Obama and I will solve social and political issues that face our great nation and people.

I would appreciate Melanie not being threatened by Obama. God says she was forced to sign the concordat. This is an aggravation, but the criminal that must be imprisoned is David Bellian. I would appreciate a courtesy of Melanie, my wife, being freed from the concordat. She does deny ever signing the concordat, but I know she is forced to lie to me under threat of imprisonment.

The guardianship is a pathetic attempt to oppress me. It annoys me, but I will still work towards David Bellian’s imprisonment. I would appreciate the guardianship being lifted, and any help towards that would be appreciated.

I reject Maggie as my guardian because she is not my dad and because she signed a concordat. My dad and I have very similar interests, I trust my dad, and I like to study books my dad likes to read. I want to move out of Findlay, to be with my dad, in Toledo. I disfavor Findlay greatly, but highly value my dad and being near him in Toledo.

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would pick Toledo to have dinners with my dad every week, perhaps several times a week. I value my dad and love him greatly. I want to get to Toledo soon, and get work from dad’s help so I can support myself and my wife Melanie.

In summary, I am working to change lives for the better.


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