How to Learn to Walk in High Heels

Go shopping for a pair of comfortable heels. If you’re just starting out with heels, get low heels. You can move into higher heels as time goes on. For added support, find heels with an ankle strap or something else that will help to keep the shoes on your feet. If you want to start with something easier than heels, start with low wedges. High wedges may seem appealing, but they can be just as tough as high heels.

Know that the most expensive shoes aren’t the most comfortable. If you’re just starting out in heels, get inexpensive shoes! These are just starters – you can always move on to more expensive and possibly less comfortable shoes later.

Stand in the heels for a few minutes. Are they comfortable? If standing in the heels hurts your feet, these heels are not right for you. There are lots of pairs of shoes out there – you just have to find the high heels that are right for you.

Practice walking around your house in the heels of your choosing. This will probably be the easiest place to start because you’re familiar with the floors and space. Once you’re done with that, try walking around another indoor place, like a store or a friend’s house. Try walking up and down stairs – but be very careful!

Outdoor surfaces are a lot harder to walk on in heels than indoor surfaces. This is because the ground is less even and there are a lot of things that you can trip over, like the cracks between sidewalk tiles. Start by walking around a small outdoor area. Carry around a pair of flats in case the high heels get too painful. Stay by things that you can grip in case you start to trip or feel uncomfortable.

Try dancing at an event, or if you’re self conscious, at home when no one is looking. Be prepared for some foot pain, but also to be proud that you danced in high heels! It may not be easy, so once again, be careful!

Once you’ve mastered standing, walking and dancing in lower heels or wedges, move on to higher heels! You’ll be great at walking in heels in no time!

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